So you want to know how to get through your next interview … and secure the position? What you know is obviously important as well as what you wear; however above all of that is the need to come across as confident and competent! Firstly how to look confident!

Relax – It’s no good someone shouting “RELAX” at you; it isn’t going to make you feel better! To be able to recall the feeling of relaxation when you want it without any feelings of anxiety you need to practice! Practice breathing deeply into the bottom of your lungs. The ability to relax is one of the most important keys to unlocking the door to successful interviewing.

Posture – Use these 3 tips to make sure you are standing “positively”; the string and bolero will help you sit “positively” and you will come across as interested and interesting!
The Tripod – Stand with your feet directly under your shoulders so that your weight is balanced evenly
The String – Imagine that there is a string running up through your body. Pull the string (figuratively!) to raise yourself up at least an inch!
The Bolero – Imagine that you are wearing a bolero jacket (the type that Spanish bull fighters wear). Pull the bottom at the back of the jacket down so that your shoulders are pulled back and your chest broadens.

Your smile – don’t forget to smile at your interviewer and make sure you smile with your eyes (otherwise you will look like a snarling animal!) If you are feeling nervous try to remember something that makes you happy as you walk in!

Eye contact – a really important part of communication – look away a lot and you’ll look shifty; constant eye contact and you could come across as aggressive. Try to look your interviewer in the eye and if there is a panel interviewing you make sure you engage with them all.

Next time we’ll be offering tips aimed at making you sound confident!
Tips by kind permission of Sally Hindmarch from Partners With You. To find out more about her workshops, contact her via the details below.
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