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Cranleigh School Review: A Closer Look at the Boarding, Academic and Extracurricular Offerings

Boarding School Review Facts:

Headmistress (from September 2024) - Mrs Samantha Price 

Location – Cranleigh School, Horseshoe Lane, Cranleigh, Surrey. GU6 8QQ 

Nearest airport – Gatwick (45 minutes) 

Train to London – Guildford to London Waterloo (45 minutes) 


Day and full-boarding from years 9-13 (age 13-18) 


Boarding School Cranleigh

Enriching Perspectives: Discovering Cranleigh's Red-Brick Haven 

Cranleigh is a co-educational, day and full-boarding school for 700 pupils, near Guildford in Surrey. Established in 1865, it is renowned for its excellent, all-round educational provision; however, it particularly excels in the academic, sports and performing arts. Well-known in London and the Home Counties, it is now attracting pupils from further afield, including from overseas. 

With the backdrop of the beautiful Surrey hills, the red-brick campus is centred on the main school buildings with boarding houses scattered further afield and the sports pitches and golf course extending beyond. While its facilities might not be as pristine, manicured or glitzy as other schools, it is what goes on within the facilities that counts here.  


The Essence of Cranleigh Education: Cranleigh Thinking, Being, and Giving 

Central to a Cranleigh education are the tripartite principles of Cranleigh Thinking - developing pupils’ critical thinking and intellectual curiosity – Cranleigh Being - nurturing in pupils the core human qualities that enable communities to thrive and support one another – and Cranleigh Giving – helping pupils recognise their privilege and go out into the world ready to give back and help to create meaningful change. whilst producing confident and independent yet grounded and socially-aware pupils. 

"We want out pupils to go and make a difference in the world." Head

Unveiling Excellence: Cranleigh's Academic and Extracurricular Triumphs 

Cranleigh has a strong academic record, not only with many pupils going on to Oxbridge and other Russell Group universities but also with ‘value-added’ results (ie pupils gaining higher grades than predicted). Nevertheless, Cranleigh prides itself on developing pupils’ intellectual interests and thinking beyond the confines of the curriculum through its Cranleigh Thinking programme. Outside the classroom, Cranleigh excels at sport - with pupils and alumni playing a variety of sports for England - and in music and drama – with pupils going on to conservatoires and drama schools. 


Community and Camaraderie: Cranleigh's Full-Boarding School Experience 

Cranleigh has a strong boarding ethos with 75% of pupils boarding, and all of them full-time (there are no flexi or weekly options here), making this a great option for military and overseas parents (especially when combined with the prep school). There are 4 boys and 4 girls houses, all cosy, well-decorated and well-equipped. Day and overseas pupils are fully integrated into the houses ensuring not only the pastoral and social welfare of all pupils but also the depth of friendships that come from being in a full-boarding school. While boarders can go home after sport on Saturdays, many stay for the full programme of social and entertainment activities at weekends.  


Tradition and Excellence: Cranleigh's Legacy of Academic and Personal Growth 

Overall, Cranleigh is a traditional, English public school which punches above its weight academically and in sports whilst also producing confident, independent pupils. Ultimately, Cranleigh produces grounded, inclusive pupils who are confident in who they are, whilst still being respectful and supportive of others around them. 

Headmaster Interview -

UK Boarding School Advice

Boarding School Advice:

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