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Opening doors to the best British future schools

The prep to senior school admission process can start as early as year 5, when your child is age 9. Much is changing within the admissions process to top boarding schools – it can be challenging for parents to keep up when ​​choosing the best school for their child.

Why choose us?

Expert consultancy

Over the years, our team of experienced education consultants has supported 100’s of families with making the important future school decision. We have a range of education consultancy services to support you and your child with building their confidence for the 11+ pre-test or entry assessment, and interview process. Choosing the best school for your child and achieving a place offer is the outcome we are aiming for.

Relationships with British prep schools

We highly value our relationships with many British prep schools. They do an excellent job of steering you in the right future school direction, via their strong relationships with private boarding schools. This is a great way to start your initial research and arrange some visits to potential schools to get a feel for the atmosphere and ethos. However, the reassurance of an independent perspective is often what parents feel is missing. That’s where we come in.


For British expats or international parents overseas, it can be confusing to research choosing the best school for your child for many parents living overseas. We can help navigate the 11+ or 13+ pre-tests, entry assessments and interview process for private boarding schools without advice and support from your current school.


We understand you are looking for reassurance you are not missing out on any boarding school options. We help parents to focus on all the factors that will make their child happy and hence achieve their true potential. We steer parents towards choosing the best school for their child, which we feel is perfect for them as an individual.

What Future Schools consultancy services do we offer?

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Diagnostic aptitude testing

Helping parents to evaluate their child’s academic strengths when compared with the entry expectations of senior schools, so we can help you to focus on the right private boarding schools to challenge and support your child at the right level academically, as well inspire them to develop new interests and talents via a whole range of opportunities.



When choosing the best school for your child before getting started on the entry testing process, we offer a comprehensive service that takes parents through the whole process from evaluating their child’s academic profile to creating a shortlist of appropriate schools to helping with registration and assessment processes to finally accepting a place.

Educational consultants

Entry Preparation services

11+ pre-test preparation

For parents to understand how the senior boarding school entry process works and steer parents towards the right tools and consultants or tutors to help their child prepare. Our aim is for your child to approach their entry tests nerve-free, feeling confident that they will do their best on the day.

13+ entry assessment and interview preparation

To help parents navigate the changes to the Common Entrance testing process, as well as to prepare for school entry assessment tests, aptitude testing and to build their confidence ahead of interviews.

International Families

International families

Our consultants can help expat or international families who live overseas to navigate, step-by-step, the process of moving to a top British boarding school at age 13+. We do this over several years at each age and stage of the process. From deciding when the right time is to apply to boarding school, through the pre-test, entry assessment and interview process, we assist parents all the way through to a successful outcome and settling their child into boarding school on their first day.

“Talking through the options with you helped us to get things clear in our head, so we felt able to make an informed decision about the best school option for our daughter. We will certainly seek your advice again, when we are faced with the next dilemma. With two other children besides Anna, I am sure this will be soon!”

Private Client, Amersham

UK Parent

The questions we receive from parents facing the challenge of making the right future school decision are numerous. There are too many to list them all here. If you need help deciding what the next educational step is for your child contact our friendly independent consultants.

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