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Our team of experienced experts share a passion for supporting parents with finding the right education solution for their child. We see our role as that of enabling parents, so they feel confident that they are making informed, objective decisions about the right school or university, for both their child and their family unit as a whole.

Our diverse team of experts offer parents both from the UK and around the world advice in all areas of education. We offer parents support and guidance with making the right choices at all stages of education. Often we work with a family over several years, offering step-by-step support as each important education decision approaches.

We foster close working relationships with 100’s of British schools and Universities, maintaining a busy programme of year-round school and university visits, to keep our knowledge up to date. Sharing this knowledge and experience is what enables our clients to feel confident they are making the right decisions for their child.

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Whether you need to consult us face-to-face, by telephone or video call, require a package covering all aspects of applying to a UK school or University, or just need to read a few free tips from our blog, we can help you.

Choosing the right school

Choosing a school for sixth form

Applying to UK Universities

UCAS & Career Planning

Interview preparation & mentoring

Guiding International Families

Relocating and expat families

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