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"Breaking the Mould: How Windlesham House School's Innovation Meeting Tradition is Shaping the Future of Education"

The long school drive presents the visitor with an impressive first view of the stunning Queen Anne building, surrounded by acres and acres of woodland, sports fields and a golf course. With the feel of a safe and stunning countryside oasis, Windlesham House appeals to many parents as it feels very much like a country school, but with very good access to and from London, Europe and further afield. Facilities are extensive for sport, art, design, technology, as well as academics in all the traditional subjects. The boarding is homely with strong pastoral care in place and the children are often the key drivers in persuading their parents for them to board, as they don’t want to miss out on all the fun!

Windlesham House School boarding advice
Windlesham is the oldest prep school in the UK founded in 1837.

Windlesham House prep school

Headmaster Mr Ben Evans


Day from age 3-13, with the option for weekly and full-boarding from age 7-13

Location - Windlesham House School, Washington, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 4AY

Nearest airport – Gatwick

Train to London – Horsham station to London Victoria 55 minutes

Weekly bus service on Fridays and Sundays to Putney Heath in London

Established in 1837, with around 400 children, Windlesham House is the oldest prep school in the country. However, its approach to education is far from old. With a focus on making the most of childhood with every opportunity for pupils to nurture talent, Windlesham House prides itself on a curriculum which blends all the traditional subjects and academic rigour with the Windlesham Diploma, which has replaced common entrance in years 7 and 8, where the focus is on children building both knowledge and skills for life. Innovation blended with the traditional is how Headmaster, Ben Evans, describes his approach to education.

"our aim is to make sure that children have unforgettable memories"

Children are happy, confident, yet kind, with a sense of pride in their school. The relaxed formality with clear boundaries makes it easy for children to feel at home here. The classroom activities are engaging and teachers inspiring, showing clear passion for their subjects. Parents are actively engaged in supporting school events and a sense of community comes through very strongly.

Intergrated technology in learning

As an Apple school, Windlesham places a very strong emphasis on STEM education and children learning key skills for their future careers – jobs which we don’t even know exist yet. The robotics club is popular, and children learn to code, as well as critical thinking skills around the use of AI. However, there is also a focus on communication and talking to one another so there are also plenty of times thorough the week when there are no gadgets to be seen.

Independent of any senior school

In a landscape where so many boarding prep schools are becoming part of the senior boarding schools into which they feed pupils, Windlesham House’s independence allows children time to grow and develop in their own time. Hence, parents have time to decide which boarding senior schools are best for their child, once they have had time to grow and nurture their academics alongside other interests.

With children moving on to over 30 senior schools, advising families on the right school for their child’s future after Windlesham is something the senior teachers and Headmaster invest huge amounts of time in. There are two annual future schools’ fairs, where parents can meet with a whole raft of senior schools when doing their initial school research, as well as talking to teachers, Houseparents and tutors about the best fit for their child as an individual.

Unlimited opportunities

Offering an extensive range of academic subjects, backed up by unlimited opportunities to shine outside the classroom, every child builds confidence over time and is valued for their talents and interests. Pupils achieve an impressive number of scholarships to their senior boarding schools, not just for academic achievement, but also for sports, creative subjects and design or technology.


If you are looking for a co-ed, full boarding, traditional prep school which has embraced innovation and technology with a positive approach, you will not be disappointed by a visit to Windlesham House. With such a safe and stunning countryside campus, yet so close to London and major airports, the school appeals to British and international families alike.

British Boarding school advice for Windlesham


If I could turn back the clock and do my school days all over again, I’d hope Windlesham House was on my parents’ boarding school shortlist for a visit. I would have loved it!

Interview with Ben Evans.

Boarding school advice, Windlesham

We advise families from both the UK and overseas who are seeking the best British boarding prep or senior school for their child. Our team of education consultants visited over 80 boarding schools last year and have helped more than 500 families over the past 10 years to find the best-fit British boarding school. We also support and mentor children throughout the application, entry testing, ISEB pre-test and interview process – building their confidence to present the best version of themselves on the day.

Please get in touch if you would like advice from our friendly, experienced team. We offer a complimentary call to all families who get in touch so we can find out more about you and your child, before talking to you about how we can help you with your boarding school choice process.

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