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How do I choose the best boarding school?

We believe every individual child has exceptional potential and that being in the right boarding school gives them all the knowledge, life skills, opportunities, and experiences they need to reach it.

Our boarding school advice coaches parents to let go of their own life story and to focus on their child’s talents and personality, so they go from confused or worried about making the wrong choice, to making a confident school choice that is right for their brilliant, unique child.

We are not focussed on school league tables or dinner party conversations about the current cool schools. Though part of the eventual decision-making process, we put the child’s needs ahead of family ties, or other logistical considerations. While academically selective boarding schools are the perfect choice for a child who thrives on challenge and competition, for some children, a more nurturing school will be better for their confidence to grow. Our consultancy team can offer extensive boarding school advice countrywide, enabling parents who choose to work with us to review all their options on their journey towards choosing the best school for their child.

A child in the right school will be happy. A happy child grows in confidence and achieves their true potential. Not just in academic grades, but also develops skills, passions and interests that will set them up for life.

A happy child is a happy parent.

A child in the wrong school can be unhappy, lose self-confidence and motivation and struggle to achieve anywhere near their potential.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable education consultants understand that choosing the right school for your child at age 5, 7, 11, 13 or 16 can be a confusing and time-consuming process for parents.

No two children are the same, so finding the right boarding school option for your child can be challenging, especially if you have the needs of more than one sibling to take into consideration.

Navigating your way through school marketing material and websites, as well as opinions gathered through conversation amongst friends over lunch or coffee, can make the process of choosing the right school seem overwhelming.

Boarding schools vary in their provision. Some offer a full 7-day a week programme, especially important if you live overseas. Some have a more flexible approach to boarding, offering flexi or weekly boarding to accommodate UK-based families, who perhaps want a more flexible approach to boarding. Understanding the type of boarding is crucial to the decision-making process and something our experts will guide you through.

Deciding at what age your child will join a boarding school and then navigating your way through the process can be tricky. Our boarding school advice supports parents step-by-step, whatever age or stage of education you are considering. From prep boarding school, to starting at a top boarding school at age 13, or moving to boarding school for sixth form, our experts are here to advise.

Our experts collectively have years of experience in offering impartial support and guidance to parents, not only to assist them with finding the right school solution, but also provide in-depth support throughout the application process.

Our aim is to empower parents by sharing our impartial knowledge and experience, so you have the reassurance that you are making an informed choice.

Our boarding school advice regularly assists parents to:

  • Evaluate what a school needs to ensure their child will be happy and fulfil their true potential.

  • Decide on boarding school search criteria and location, to fit with both family and work commitments, especially if you live overseas.

  • Consider the opinions of each parent, whilst keeping an open mind.

  • Make a short-list of schools to visit and assist with making visit appointments.

  • Prepare a list of questions to ask while visiting.

  • Get a feel for atmosphere, ethos, educational philosophy of the Head, staff-pupil relationships.

  • Understand pros and cons of each school on the shortlist after visits.

  • Navigate the registration, testing and interview preparation process, sometimes arranging testing overseas at your current school.

  • Make a final decision when place offers come in.

What are your fees?

We offer a range of one-to-one education consultancy services to offer you all the boarding school advice and guidance you need to enable you to make the right boarding school choice and then navigate the application process. Ranging from £997 to plan a future boarding school move, to £4997 for our all-inclusive start to finish Prestige Package, we have an ethical approach to fees. With no London office base to fund, all you invest in is the consultant expertise you need, with step-by-step support from our friendly consultant team.

Before suggesting the right service to each family, we first like to get to know you and your child. Understanding your family and your school goals, as well as how much time you have ahead of starting boarding school, enables us to suggest the right consultancy service for you.

To get started with our boarding school advice service, contact us today!

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