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Top Summer Camps for 2024 at the UK's Finest Boarding Schools: Find the Perfect Programme for Your Child!

Discover the opportunity of summer boarding school programmes. Explore the myriad ways in which immersive academic, sporting, special interest and social experiences can enrich your child's summer, offering them a unique opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive during the school holidays at a top-tier boarding school.

Summer camps sign three children age 8 to 18
Summer camps, courses and online programmes hosted by top-tier UK boarding schools

Benefits of Attending a British Boarding School Summer Camp?

For busy working parents the imminent approach of the summer holidays might be invoking feelings of panic, a quandary over childcare, and wondering how to keep your energetic, enthusiastic children constructively engaged over the holidays without too much screen time.

Yes, school terms are very busy and hence getting some rest and allowing time for relaxation during the school holidays is very important. So is spending quality time together as a family, as well as the enjoyment that comes from simply sitting in a bean bag with a good book, playing board games, riding bikes, climbing trees, walking the dog, or enjoying seaside picnics.

However, there are also times during the long summer holidays when parents must work or attend to other year-round commitments. So, what’s the best childcare solution for the summer holidays which also develops new skills and educational experiences?

There’s a wonderful array of boarding schools across the UK offering inspirational and educational summer courses programmes in a whole range of academic and other areas.

Attending one of these summer camps or courses instantly distinguishes your child school application when applying to top-tier schools.

Summer Camp - A Gateway to New Experiences

Whether your child is keen to play football for the Lionesses, play golf on the pro circuit, extend their knowledge in STEM subjects, or nurture musical and theatrical talents, there’s a range of summer course options for them. Why not treat your child to a couple of weeks at a residential summer course in a British boarding school, enabling them to make new friends from all over the world, nurture talents and skills, while experiencing boarding school life and having fun in the inspirational surroundings of a British boarding school.

Academic Adventure Awaits at Summer Camp

Is your child faced with ISEB or other academic pre-tests and interviews when the new school term starts in September? Instead of scheduling hours of tutoring after school when next term arrives, why not book an intensive, residential summer course programme aimed at building confidence and practising the skills they’ll need to approach these tests when the time comes. Building their knowledge, critical thinking skills and life experiences to talk about at interview, the art of making conversation with new people, making friends from all over the world, are all positive outcomes from choosing the right boarding school summer course.

Try before you buy. Experience Top Bristish Boarding Schools

Are you toying with the idea of choosing a boarding school, but not sure if your child will enjoy it? British boarding school summer course programmes are an ideal opportunity to try before you jump in with two feet and choose a boarding school education long-term. Summer courses give the opportunity to experience what it’s like to sleep in boarding houses, studying and playing with peers 24 hours a day, as well as start to develop independence. As a precursor to perhaps spending a year or longer studying at a British boarding school, summer courses are a wonderful way to test the waters.

On-line Summer Camp Courses Hosted by Top-Tier Boarding Schools

Do you love the idea of a summer course, but you are not able to come to the UK for the summer? There are some fantastic online summer course programmes run by teachers from top British boarding schools which are aimed at nurturing critical thinking and other life skills, broadening knowledge outside the term-time curriculum, teamwork and building a network of friends around the world. If summer course appeals to you, you can still get your children involved, even if you live overseas and are not able to come to the UK in the summer.

Which Summer Camp to Choose?

With so many boarding schools summer course programmes on offer, choosing the right one is crucial. Some are run and taught by the schools themselves, some by summer course companies how lease boarding school facilities during the holidays. You’ll be keen for the summer course experience to be a positive and happy one, so you can continue your work over the school summer holidays uninterrupted and without worry. Our team of consultants has extensive knowledge of summer courses through our work with boarding schools throughout the year. We are very happy to help parents to select the right course.

Places on boarding school summer courses fill up fast, so get in touch with our team to talk about your children soon. 

Get in touch for complimentary call from our experienced advice team.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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