What is the process for finding a good work experience placement?

Identify what you want to achieve through the placement

  • Are you looking to find out more about a specific career?
  • Are you looking to acquire employability skills?
  • Are you looking to develop self-awareness, independence and confidence?
  • Are you looking to see how school subjects that interest you are linked to the world of work?
  • Are you seeking to acquire an understanding of local job opportunities?

Finding a work experience placement can be tricky. The following points may be useful:

  • Liaise with your school to see if any of the work experience opportunities they have access to are appealing and relevant
  • Seek the assistance of friends and family to see what opportunities arise through your network of contacts.
  • Search the internet for local opportunities within your area of interest
  • Search local papers for opportunities. Some job advertised job opportunities may also be suitable for work experience placement
  • Make the effort to research thoroughly any potential opportunities you identify to ensure you are enthusiastic and interested in what it offers and that it will meet your objectives for work experience
  • Contact the company directly either by telephone requesting a placement and if the answer is yes, then arrange a time to visit to see if it will be suitable from both the employer and pupil’s point of view. Alternatively the company can be contacted by e mail or letter but a direct, personal contact is recommended. Often younger pupils may be overlooked because of age but should the employer have the opportunity to meet him or her they may be pleasantly surprised by the maturity and enthusiasm that the young person demonstrates.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you have to contact a number of organisations before one agrees to meet you.