Boys like routine where hard work comes in short sharp bursts interspersed with breaks for physical exercise or relaxation. Concentrating on one task or project at a time will ensure they remain focussed and don’t become over-whelmed. Boys are competitive and enjoy being given the opportunity to shine, by performing well amongst peers in subject tests for example.

Instilling good habits when they are young such as completing homework at the same time each day, before access to TV and computer games, will set them up in the right routine for their school career. Boys may need to move around during periods of study as for some this helps with concentration. Food is also a key factor in fuelling concentration so have plenty of healthy snacks available.

Boys need to be inspired via future goals which aspire towards a particular job, university course or apprenticeship. They need to understand why they need to study and what they will achieve through working towards target grades to meet their potential. Picking the right GCSE and sixth form courses in subjects which they find interesting and which will lead into their chosen career is must. An awareness of the potential careers and salaries that will open up to them in the future if they work hard at school can be a great motivator.

Ensuring boys have contact with good male role models; especially where they live with mum and sisters in a single parent family is also important.