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Results, Options and Last-Minute University Decisions

Why this package? This is the 999 emergency clearing service for your son or daughter’s university application if things haven’t quite gone to plan, or if they’re having doubts about whether their UCAS course offers and choices are still the right ones for them, post exam results.

This service works equally well if their results are better, or not quite as good, as expected.

The outcome – Our consultant will bring calm and focused expertise to what can be a very worrying time for the whole family. By helping you to consider all the last-minute options, we’ll reassure you and guide your son or daughter in making the right next decision for their future.

How to move forward with the right plan for the future if your exam results haven’t met the terms of your university offers.

How to move forward with the right decisions for the future if your exam results are better than expected and hence other previously universities or courses might now be an option for you.

How to alter your university and/or course if you have changed your mind on the subject or career you want to study.

How to navigate UCAS Clearing effectively, identifying possible courses and universities that suit you.

“Not making the A level grades to take up her place at university was an awful shock and disappointment for my daughter. Your consultant supported her through the clearing process and made sure she was also aware of all the re-take options available to her so we could make an informed choice as to what was in her best future interests. Your advice and support made a very worrying time bearable. Thank you.”

  • Ahead of your first video call with a Consultant, we’ll ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire to enable our Consultant to better understand your son or daughter’s university aims and objectives. This also helps you and your son or daughter to think through your priorities and why.
  • After you’ve completed the online questionnaire we’ll ask you to pay your invoice for the service, so we can get you started by booking your first appointment to speak with one of our expert university Consultants via video call. We will request copies of GCSE, A Level, mock or equivalent exam results, school reports, plus any other supporting documents that help our expert to get to know your son or daughter’s education history, goals and ambitions.

During the first call, your experienced university Consultant will discuss your questionnaire, school reports, exam grades with you and your son or daughter. Collectively, you and your Consultant will create a university plan that’s very individual to your family. You will discuss timings for further video calls, setting a to-do-list for your son or daughter, as well as realistic dates and deadlines to agree your final decision and actions. Some of the things we’ll cover are below:

  • How to respond to the initial situation, enabling you and your son or daughter to take swift and focused action depending on the circumstances.
  • How to use sources to consider available courses and how to evaluate their appropriateness for your son or daughter’s abilities and aspirations.
  • How best to approach the universities about the course options that are of interest and how best to present the strengths of your son or daughter’s application for consideration.
  • How to manage the UCAS Clearing service, where relevant facilitating speedy confirmation of course choice.
  • How to contact the university and Student Finance about fees, accommodation and registration when your place offer is last-minute.

There are other options in addition to going to university this year. It’s better to take time to re-consider all of the options than rushing into what could be the wrong path long-term. University is a big investment. You need to be certain it’s what you want to study in a location you are happy to love for the next three or four years.

How to consider your options for re-taking exams if you are keen to follow a particular career or subject.

How to plan time out via a Gap year so you have time and head-space to re-consider your options without appearing to be losing focus.

How to consider possible changes of direction in university subject choices.

How to consider alternatives to university such as Apprenticeships of other employer-led training schemes.

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