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UCAS application support for the new year 2023

2022 has been a long year, COVID-19 rules and regulations have been relaxed, schools and universities have been open almost as normal, and results day’s were a breeze as students were able to celebrate together at their school or college… Finally, it is beginning to feel like the world has been put to rights.

There have also been uncertain times in 2022. The news spread quickly devastating the UK and the world of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, changes in the government leave us all quivering in our boots and of course, our hearts continue to go out to everyone in Ukraine.

With the new year getting closer, pretty much on top of us in fact, it is important to be prepared for each UCAS deadline coming your way in 2023. We don’t want anyone receiving any nasty surprises…

The year is coming to a close and we hope you’ve had a very triumphant one, however, should you need any support or guidance now or in the new year, you can learn more about our services.

2023 entry deadline:

Deadlines are looming immediately in the new year; we start off strong with the majority of course applications needing to be entered by the 25th of January 2023.

Degree apprenticeships deadline:

Remember, if you’re applying for a degree-level apprenticeship, you can do so at any time in any year through UCAS – read more about degree-level apprenticeships in our blog by clicking here. You should treat this application like a job application as it is very similar.

Deferring to 2024 entry:

Deferring your entry means delaying your entry to university, but you can only do this by one year. This can be pre-planned or you might change your mind during the application process. You must meet your entry requirements/offer conditions by the 6th of September 2023 to ensure you can still begin university as planned in 2024.

2024 entry timeline based on 2023 entry timeline:

Dates for the 2024/2025 entry have not been confirmed by UCAS yet. However, let’s run through the 2023 entry timeline to recap and gain clarity for the possible timeline to come.

Deadline date

Application stage

19th April 2022

​UCAS display 2023 courses via the search tool.

​26th April 2022

​Advisor portal opened for 2023 entry.

​17th May 2022

​Undergraduate application 2023 cycle opened.

15th July 2022

​UCAS Conservatoires 2021 applications opened.

6th September 2022

​Completed applications for 2023 entry were begun to be submitted to UCAS.

3rd October 2022

​Deadline for 2023 entry applications for most UCAS Conservatoires music courses.

15th October 2022 (18:00 UK Time)

​Deadline for 2023 entry applications for the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, and most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine & science, and dentistry.

25th January 2022 (18:00 UK Time)

Deadline for all UCAS Undergraduate and Conservatoires applications except those with a 15th October 2022 deadline.

Although this will not reflect exactly on the 2024/2025 entry application timeline, it’s good to keep in mind the order of deadlines and be aware of some of the timings as they might be similar when UCAS announce the new deadlines.

Finally, we’ll look at the Clearing deadlines for the 2022 entry as some of you may need this information for the 2023 entry if you have any issues with your application or have changed your mind for any reason.

Learn more about clearing by clicking here.

Clearing application timeline for 2022 entry:

UCAS Clearing opens as soon as results day comes around, you can even ring universities the same day you receive your A Level results and start the Clearing process.

Watch the video below for more information on UCAS Clearing.

Remember you can get in touch with us and one of our education experts will support you through the application process no matter which stage you’re at with your application.

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