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In conversation with Philippa Dobree Carey, Founder, FromHighSchoolToUni

As university consultants, we spend a lot of time helping youngsters to choose subjects for sixth form and then to research and apply to the right university and course for them. It’s a carefully considered process, taking several months. Choosing the right course for the right reasons is an important part of a successful outcome. A university place offer and then gaining the grades to confirm their place, is often where this advice ends.

However, a recent meeting with Philippa Dobree Carey opened our eyes to the need for parents to invest time in preparing and supporting their youngsters while preparing for university. It’s an important part of reassuring yourself as a parent that they will have all the tools and skills to make their university education a success.

Recently published statistics on the high dropout rates of students leaving university ahead of finishing their course, or requesting to change course or university, would seem to support this view.

Covering all aspects of university preparation, the book From High School To Uni shares the personal experiences of Philippa as a Mum of two children and how she supported them, at this important stage of their education, as they move off into a more independent life.

Covering many aspects of preparing your teenager for departing for university for the first time, such as accommodation, banking, budgeting, health and wellness, safety, cooking, making friends, motivation for independent study, packing lists and lots of other useful tips and tricks. The book is written for the student, but really, it’s a reassurance for parents that they have done all they can support, while also cutting the apron strings and letting them fly the nest.

In this video interview, our Founder Catherine Stoker discusses Philippa’s experiences as a British expat Mum raising two children in Switzerland, navigating the local schooling and then the international school system, before guiding them towards university and beyond.

How can our team of university consultants help you?

If you find yourself in a similar situation to Philippa and are unsure on the UK schooling system or would just like some advice and support on the next big step in education for your child, you’re in the right place. We help families across the world to ensure that they choose the right course at the right university to ensure their child is happy, safe and set up for success. We work alongside your family to find the best possible option for you and your child.

Get in touch with our expert team of university consultants today for help and advice about applying to university and getting your child ready for their next step.

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