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Top 10 reasons for parents to choose boarding

Quite a number of parents have recently asked me why choose boarding? Often I find that Dad is keen, but Mum says ‘over my dead body.’ It seems to be a widely misunderstood concept which parents either love or hate. Those who are of a negative opinion have usually arrived at this conclusion as a result of out-of-date opinions formed through personal experience or hearing stories told by family or other parent contacts.

Here are a few points below which some parents, who come to our team for help with their boarding school application, feel have helped them to get a grasp of why boarding might be worth considering when they might have previously dismissed it.

1) Watch confidence grow through time doing sport, music, drama, and art instead of commuting.

2) Leave the work-week nagging of your soon-to-be hormonal teenager to the professionals.

3) Expand your independent or grammar school choice options by making a boarding school application. This works especially well where siblings have different needs or moving house to live in an area where housing is prohibitively expensive, due to proximity to good day schools.

4) Develop independence, an ability to think for themselves, coupled with a lasting network of useful contacts for the future.

5) Make a boarding school application and look forward to retiring the parent taxi service for after-school activities or play dates. It’s all there in situ.

6) Solve childcare challenges in busy professional families. Access to a long school day programme and plenty to get involved in at weekends too.

7) A source of stability and pastoral support whilst there may be difficult relationship issues between parents at home.

8) Access to the best British Education, even when work commitments require travel overseas or a fixed-contract move abroad.

9) Accelerated achievement through 7 days a week access to the library, art room, specialist help with homework and a huge breadth of other facilities and resources.

10) Gain cultural understanding and tolerance of others, to facilitate future success in a Global career world.

We can help with your boarding school application

If you are considering making a boarding school application, but are not quite sure boarding is the right choice for your child or family, why not give our friendly team of boarding school expert consultants a call. We will talk you through the pros and cons of boarding for your children and family. Making your child the celebrity of your school choice process is the key to evaluating whether boarding is the right choice for them.

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