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Navigating work experience & internships: How can parents support their teenagers during the process

As the graduate jobs landscape becomes increasingly competitive, students are turning to work experience and internships as valuable assets to bolster their future career plans. These opportunities not only provide practical skills but also showcase a student's dedication and commitment to their chosen field. To maximise the impact of these experiences, here are three crucial steps to help your teenager achieve success.

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1. Define Goals and Interests

Before embarking on the search for work experience or internships, it's essential for students to reflect on their interests, strengths, and aspirations. Encourage your teenager to engage in self-assessment exercises to identify their passions and potential career paths. Our university consultants often emphasise the importance of aligning work experience opportunities with academic and career goals.

By narrowing down their interests, students can focus their efforts on finding internships or work placements that genuinely excite them. This targeted approach not only enhances motivation but also allows them to make a more meaningful contribution during their experience, showcasing their dedication to future employers.

2. Research and Network

Once your teenager has identified their goals, it's time to conduct thorough research and network to uncover relevant work experience opportunities. Our university consultants often stress the significance of proactive engagement in this stage. Students should be encouraged to explore professional networks such as LinkedIn, industry-specific events, and university career services to discover potential internships or work placements.

Additionally, they should leverage online platforms and websites dedicated to connecting students with work experience opportunities. These platforms often provide detailed information about the organisations offering placements, enabling candidates to tailor their application and highlight their suitability for the role.

3. Prepare and Reflect

Preparation and reflection are key to ensuring a successful work experience or internship. Our university consultant’s emphasise the importance of adequately preparing for these opportunities to make the most of them. Encourage your teenager to research the organisation they'll be working with, understand its values, and familiarise themselves with the industry trends and practices.

Furthermore, emphasise the significance of reflection during and after the experience. It’s a great idea to maintain a journal or diary to record accomplishments, challenges, and the skills they've acquired. Reflecting on these experiences will help students to understand the type of work that they will enjoy in the future.

How our university consultants can help

Work experience and internships can significantly enhance a student’s future career prospects. By following these three key steps, your teenager can effectively leverage these opportunities to showcase their skills, dedication, and alignment with their chosen field. Remember, the guidance of university consultants can be invaluable throughout this process, offering expertise and support tailored to your teenager's unique goals. By defining goals and interests, researching, and networking, and preparing and reflecting, students will be well on their way to achieving success in the future. Get in touch with our friendly team of consultants to get started with us today.

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