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Identifying your child's learning style

You may think that ensuring your child’s education suits them, enabling them to thrive and shine, comes from just making sure they are learning at the perfect school… and while that is an incredibly important factor when choosing the right school for your child it is a good idea to identify your child’s learning style to confirm how they will best digest information.

Our education experts are ready and waiting to meet you, to support and guide you through the process of choosing the right school for your child.

Understanding your child’s learning style will help you to develop a deeper intelligence regarding their chosen school where they will carry out their education. Knowing that the school provides elements of their learning style will rest your mind that they are being educated in a way that will benefit their education and ambitions for the future.

But what are different types of learning styles and how can I identify them? I hear you ask.

Don’t worry, the following information is going to briefly explain the 3 primary learning styles that experts have identified, which most people fall under visual, auditory, and kinesthetic.

Visual learners

choosing the right school for your child

Are observant of the work around them and often drawn to art of any kind from paintings, music, photographs to motion pictures. Visual Learners also have vivid memories, your child may be especially skilled at remembering names, places, and people if they learn visually.

Indications your child is a visual learner:

  • A vivid and creative imagination.

  • Interests in the arts.

  • A strong memory that relays visually observed information.

  • A passion for reading and love for books.

  • Recognition of people, places, and names.

  • Keen interest of observing the world around them.

  • An understanding of maps and good sense of direction.

Auditory learners

choosing the right school for your child

Are drawn to sound. There is a possibility they would be especially musical and have a passion for playing instruments or singing. They have superb listening skills and verbal strengths and successfully follow oral directions well. Thinking back to your child’s early years, if they thrived off conversations and sounds around them, or understood more when reading aloud to themselves – it could be a sign they are an auditory learner.

Indications your child is an auditory learner:

  • Passion for music, instruments or have vocal abilities.

  • Ability to listen well and follow verbal instructions.

  • Enjoying discussions and talking in general.

  • Ability to notice sounds that others don’t recognise.

  • Strong verbal communication and ability, especially through repetition of words or phrases.

  • Enjoying a good sing-along or making up songs and rhythms while playing or completing tasks.

Kinesthetic learners

choosing the right school for your child

Are physical learners. Normally drawn to sports, dancing and have a significant amount of strength for their age. Often, they have a strong sense of balance, and learn best by touching and doing things themselves. Thinking back to early years again, if your child happened to be an early crawler or walker, these characteristics show they could be a kinesthetic learner.

Indications your child is a kinesthetic learner:

  • Passion and talents in sport, dance, or other physical activities.

  • Use of gestures when speaking.

  • Enjoying hands on activities.

  • Excellent hand-eye coordination.

  • Early physical development, such as walking crawling, sitting, or grabbing.

There is a possibility your child shows indications of each learning style so it can be a confusing attribute to narrow down. I recommend doing more research and observing aspects of your child’s learning while encouraging them to have fun during education time.

Once you’re ready, one of our education experts are ready to talk you through choosing the right school for your child and their learning abilities.

If you’re not ready to narrow down your school search but you want to talk about any queries regarding your child’s education journey, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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