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How to prepare for school interview questions

We work with lots of parents who are nervous about upcoming school interviews as part of the private school admissions process. We believe a little practice goes a long way in helping children prepare for senior school interviews at all stages.

It helps to go over some school interview questions with your child before the big day. Ensure that they have thought about their achievements both in and out of the classroom (have they won any sports/dance/music trophies or similar). Do they like debating? Do they enjoy cooking? Do they have an interest in a particular artist? Spend some time ensuring they know what makes them tick, so they are ready to talk about it on the big day.

Encourage them to think closely about their favourite (and least favourite subject) what is it they enjoy about it – what’s their favourite topic and why is this topic important?

Private school admissions help

For more private school admissions interview questions and tips on how to answer, get in touch with our team about our interview preparation packages.

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