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Typical school interview questions

Boarding School interviews are a big step but can be rather nerve wracking. Best practice is to work with your child to build their confidence answering questions that may be asked during their interview.

As an education consultancy, we offer a mock interview service that provides your child with a real interview scenario, interviewed by a trusted adult that they don’t know to help them to learn how to think on their feet.

Tell me a bit about yourself

This is where your child can talk about the following:

  • Family/siblings

  • where you live (town/countryside)

  • what your parents do for a job

  • where you go to school and how long you have been at school there

  • Your interests and knowledge of current affairs.

Tell me about your current school

This is where your child can talk about the size, co-ed/single sex/boarding/day.

What subjects do you enjoy most?

Encourage your child to throw some of their personality into this question, they will be able to show how they can be an asset to the school and what their possible career ambitions may be, even from a young age.

What subjects do you least enjoy?

Ensure your child doesn’t dwell on this – look at this question as a reason to look at areas for improvement, something they would like to get out of their potential new school.

How would your parents/teachers/family/friends describe you in three words?

Your child can have fun with this question, they could do some “research” around this question and ask their family, friends and teachers and do the same for them.

What makes you laugh?

This question is a way for the interviewer to keep the atmosphere of the interview friendly and comfortable. Ensure that your child knows this isn’t a trick question.

What have you done recently to contribute to your community?

Has your child raised money for charity, been part of a school committee? Do they do any regular good deeds for their family, friends or community?

What are your hobbies/interests outside school? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Prepare your child to talk in detail about these. E.g., not just naming them, but expanding on them to tell the interviewer how they are involved, how often and when?

Do you have a favourite book?

This question offers some freedom of expression for your child. They could talk about any book they like, the most recent book they read, or one they pick back up again and again. A simple question but it really brings out your child’s personality and passions.

Who is your favourite teacher at your current school? What do you think makes a good teacher? Does a good teacher lead to the enjoyment of a subject?

Again, this is not a trick question, it is simply the interviewer trying to get a feel for your child’s personality, how they will be an asset to the school, or they will settle in both in the classroom and living quarters.

Current affairs? Do you listen to the news on TV or the Internet or read the newspapers?

Make sure your child is aware of some of the top stories of what is happening in the news. (UK, Europe and Worldwide).

Do you have any questions for me?

Have a look at the school website with your child and encourage them to ask about something they have seen that is different from their current school or that they are passionate about.

Top interview tips

Below are some top tips from our education consultants to help your child ace their interviews.

A polite introduction includes a strong handshake and kind greeting.

Repeating the question at the start of their answer gives thinking time.

State their answer then always add ‘why’, because…

Look at the person in the eyes when speaking and smile often.

Don’t fidget or move too often.

Sit up straight and remember to stay engaged.

We hope that you found this blog helpful, for parents the interview process can be trying because your child’s personality needs to shine but you want to ensure they do well. As an education consultancy, we understand this which is why we offer numerous services to help.

Navigating the education system can be confusing, so our team is here to help, contact us today.

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