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Tips for parents with a child starting private school in September

So the primary or prep school days are over and you and your child are now looking towards life at senior school in September. How can parents prepare over the summer, so their child settles in as quickly as possible? Here is some private school advice for those starting in September.

  1. Find out if the new school will pass your contact details on to parents of other pupils joining this September or who are already there. See if you can arrange to meet them over the holidays. Even if not in the same class, not only can you and your child ask them questions you may have, but also they will be able to give you private school advice on how it all works. It will also be a familiar face for you and your child when term starts.

  2. Ensure your child has everything from the school kit list. It can be upsetting not to have the right uniform, trainers, hockey stick or calculator. Ensure that every piece of clothing, every possession is named with name tapes or indelible marker to ensure it gets returned when it gets lost (and it will!).

  3. Look at the school joining information together. Encourage them to get involved in extra-curricular activities from the outset. Not only are these excellent opportunities to have fun and to build friendships quickly, but they will also ensure your child is kept busy.

  4. Find out what the morning/evening routine will be in the boarding house (e.g. get up, get dressed, make the bed, brush teeth, get to breakfast by a certain time) and get them to start doing them for themselves in the holidays. This will start to build independence and self-responsibility and help them to know what and how to do things from day 1.

  5. Discuss with your child how they are feeling. If reassurance is needed, go through the school website; discuss how days/weeks/terms will be structured; familiarise them with the plan of the school site; highlight which school staff are in their support network and how to find them.

Our private school advice

For more guidance and private school advice or tips to help your child start school in September, please get in touch with our team of friendly consultants. We’re happy to help.

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