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Pocklington School

Insights from our team

William Wilberforce is an old boy of whom the school is understandably proud. Pupils are encouraged to find and pursue their passions and interests, with strong teaching across all areas. The outstanding modern facility for art, design and technology is impressive. Sixth form programme facilitates a strong preparation for next steps to unis, including the introduction of some BTEC alongside A levels.

Removing shoes on entering the bright, modern, boarding houses is a first for me and certainly gives the boarding a truly homely feel. When interacting with pupils, it’s clear that good manners and respect for others is part of the culture here. Academic results are impressive. Many pupils learn an instrument and music is strong.

Very much a mixed-ability, nurturing school for each individual, with some gaining places at Oxbridge each year and some needing much more help. Definitely, a focus on good manners, looking out for others and working to the best of your ability.


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