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Millfield Prep School

This week one of our academic consultants had the pleasure of visiting Millfield Prep School where they met with the Headmaster and toured their exceptional campus.

Millfield Prep School is a co-educational, day and boarding school for 470 pupils, aged 2-13, located on a 200-acre, rural campus near Glastonbury, Somerset. Awarded Independent Prep School of the Year in 2022, it is a school which looks for and develops the ‘brilliance’ in every child through its all-round educational provision, outstanding facilities and award-winning pastoral care.

Millfield’s reputation as a school for sporty and dyslexic children is still valid, but it is also much more than that now. Not only are there also amazing music, art and drama as well as sports facilities, but they also have outstanding teaching and learning to challenge even the brightest pupils. A huge range of extra-curricular activities also ensures that all children can explore their passions and talents in all areas outside the classroom, promoting a well-rounded and balanced educational experience.

Boarding is a small but significant aspect of Millfield Prep. Offering both flexi- and full-boarding, about 20% of pupils board during the week. There are five purpose-built boarding houses each accommodating about 35 pupils. All are clean and modern with cosy communal areas and small dormitories of up to 6 cubicle-style beds. About 12% of pupils are full-boarders and there is plenty to do at weekends with a full programme of activities both on and off-site making this popular with overseas and military families (the Headmaster is from a military family).

As prep school to Millfield Senior School, there are no formal entrance exams; thus, many more pupils join in Year 7 and 8, and 95% of pupils go on to the senior school.

Millfield Prep School is an energetic, bustling, very high-performing school in all areas of school life with a warm, pastoral heart at the centre of everything they do. Children have exceptional, unparalleled opportunities to discover their passion in life; there truly is something for everyone and a chance for each pupil to discover their brilliance in a happy, spectacular and empowering school.

One of our education consultants discusses with the Headmaster what makes Millfield Prep School so successful after winning ‘Independent Prep School of the Year’ last year.

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