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Mill Hill International School

Catherine Stoker, Founder of The Independent Education Consultants with Sarah Bellotti, Head of Mill Hill International School.

Our Founder Catherine Stoker had the pleasure of visiting Mill Hill International School, where she met with Sarah Bellotti, the Head of the school. Sarah kindly showed her around the campus and provided valuable insights into the school's offerings and environment. If you require more information about this school or have any questions about the British education system, our team of UK education consultants are here to help.

The school campus is nestled in a picturesque, leafy suburb, offering a safe and tranquil environment for students. The campus is enclosed by a large wall and gates, featuring beautifully landscaped gardens and a courtyard area for socialising and performances. There is an on-site gym for basketball, and the school also utilises the sports facilities of the main senior schools. The facilities are in excellent condition, with some classrooms recently refurbished and equipped with new furniture. Mill Hill is part of a Schools Group comprising eight schools, which has led to significant investments in facilities. Notably, all classrooms are furnished with smart TV boards, eliminating the need for projectors, and reflecting a strong emphasis on technology and innovation.

Mill Hill International School boasts a diverse student body, with approximately 140 students aged 13-17 representing 35 nationalities. Class sizes typically range from 12 to 18 students, fostering a rich multicultural environment. Notably, the number of British students attending the school is on the rise, reflecting the school's track record of academic excellence and positive outcomes for students.

The school provides specialist teachers in all subjects, along with EAL (English as an Additional Language) qualified teachers to support language learning. Mill Hill International School excels in mathematics and often sees its students winning national competitions. Academic achievement is a significant strength, with many pupils aiming for entry into top senior day or boarding schools.

Mill Hill offers a range of programmes, including one-term, two-term, four-term, and five-term options for students in years 9 and 10. Many students transition to prestigious schools in the Southeast of England, such as St Paul's, Highgate, Dulwich, Mill Hill, Brighton College, and North London Collegiate. While the school currently caters to students from year 9 to year 11, there is a desire to extend to the sixth form, pending discussions with the Governors.

In year 11, the school offers a one-year GCSE program where students take English and Maths and can choose from a wide range of other subjects, including all three sciences, economics, computer science, business studies, psychology, DT (Design and Technology), Spanish, and Art.

Mill Hill International School shares four boarding houses with Mill Hill School, providing students with a unique opportunity to form friendships with peers from both institutions. This arrangement also enables joint sports and extracurricular activities, enriching the overall student experience. Entry into the school is determined through a combination of CAT4 and OPT tests, followed by an interview with the Head to assess the student's willingness to engage fully in school life.

For parents seeking to transition their children into the UK education system or prepare them for top UK day or boarding schools, Mill Hill International School is highly recommended. The school has a strong track record of nurturing students, emphasising academics, and facilitating their adjustment to the UK. It provides a supportive environment for students to thrive academically.

Our team of UK education consultants

If you require advice and guidance on choosing the right international school for your child, our expert team of UK education consultants are here to support you with the entire process, from shortlisting schools to the application and interview process. Get in touch with us today to book your complimentary call.

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