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10 confidence building tips from our education consultants

There are multiple tips and tricks to feeling confident approaching your interview, confidence may come naturally to some – but others not so much, and not every tip works the same for each child, teenager, or adult.

Here are our education consultants' top 10 tips to build confidence for school interviews. If you’d like further advice and guidance for your child, please get in touch with our team of expert education consultants today.

1. First impressions

They are important, but something we shouldn’t overthink. You’d be surprised how easy it is to just smile, and how far that one smile will get you. It helps you to appear open and ready for a meaningful conversation. Remember your body language too, fidgeting or moving too much may show that you are distracted and not fully engaged. Your interviewer will understand you are nervous, a smile shows a form of confidence and willingness to get you through those first few seconds of an interview.

2. Listening tips

Be sure to listen and hear what is said or asked of you. Listening carefully to the interviewer’s question means you can answer directly rather than wandering off on a tangent – this shows you can concentrate thoroughly and have a strong mind. Try not to answer with anything rehearsed as this can seem coached.

3. Eye contact

When you’re talking to your interviewer you should try to hold eye contact. This shows you are engaged and actually interested in what they are saying and the opportunities that lie before you.

4. 3-Step answer formula

There is a perfect formula to keep you calm while answering any question from your interviewer.

  1. Repeat the question in your head while thinking.

  2. Give your answer.

  3. Support your answer with a reason, example, evidence or experience to show engagement.

5. Questions

You will probably have plenty of questions for your interviewer, but when asked about them most people tend to draw a blank. Write them down in a notebook and take them and a pen with you to the interview to take notes whenever they are answered, you also have them there to remind you to ask if you still need any questions answered.

6. Research

Yes, it can seem daunting, but trust us when we say, you will open up a world where you will be much more comfortable sitting in your interview if you have prepared your mind with information about where you are being interviewed for, their school, facilities, subjects, etc. This will also show passion for your placement, interests and may even spark attention to where you will shine as their student.

7. Favourites

You may be asked questions that require you to answer with a favourite ‘something’ of yours. Might seem easy – until you’re in the interview, the unintentional pressure could make you forget, so it’s good to use your notebook to remember them and their relevance.

8. What is important now

Taking an interest in the news, reading papers or online news (reliable sources), this shows an engagement with the real world and an interest in current affairs which can impress your interviewer and make you shine as an individual.

9. Prepare

Practice makes perfect (but remember no rehearsing), try mock interviews, a number of different questions to really get those cogs turning in your brain and prepare you for literally anything. Do your research and have your notebook, questions, and other notes ready well in advance of your interview.

10. Breathe

Silly I know, but with all the tension from nerves leading up to the interview I really mean it! Breathe, in and out… and relax. You would be surprised how much focusing on calm breathing exercises can help and be important for calming nerves and helping you think clearly.

Best breathing exercises in 3 simple steps:

  1. Breathe in (through your nose if possible) for 4 seconds.

  2. Hold that breath for 2 seconds.

  3. Release the breath (through the nose again if possible) for 6 seconds and pause slightly before breathing again.

Hopefully, these top 10 tips help you to relax before your interview and prepare so you can conquer your nerves.

Wishing you the best of luck with your interview from our education consultants.

Leading education advice from our education consultants

If you need advice about interviews or you have general education queries, our expert team of education consultants will provide you with in-depth and personalised advice tailored specifically to you and your family, get in touch today.

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