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Why do I need consultancy advice for boarding school?

Whether you have only a few weeks or 18 months to two years until your boarding school start date, we’re here to help and support you every step of the way. My guess is you might be asking yourself, why do I need to invest in advice from an expert education consultant when I can do my boarding school application myself? There’s so much free information on the internet, written in books and guides. I’m doing my research by talking to family and friends for their advice. So, why do I need expert help?

Here’s a quote from our Founder, Catherine Marx, explaining why independent, expert advice will save your valuable time, give clarity and avoid confusion.

‘Our advice and support empowers parents with the knowledge to choose and secure a place at the right boarding school. We bring clarity to the process enabling you to proceed without worrying that you have missed possible options. You’ll feel confident that you have all aspects of the application, testing and interview process in hand.’

So now you know why investing in expert advice is a good idea. You’ll probably want to know more about the experienced experts in our education consultancy team?

Our experienced experts know what you need is quality, focused, independent advice so you can move forward with clarity and without confusion.

So, here it is. Quality, expert, independent advice delivered via our market-leading innovative online Hub. Accessible anytime, anywhere, at a time to suit you, from the comfort of your sofa. We’ve put everything we know you need to know in one convenient place – our online advice hub.

The Consultancy Club virtual consultant advice Hub guides you step-by-step advice via recorded consultancy sessions, webinars and lots of pdf resources. Parents are already telling us how good it is and what amazing outcomes they are achieving by using it. Using a step=by-step approach, the Hub guides you throughout your journey of finding the right boarding school, so your child will be happy and fulfil their true potential.

We cover in expert detail shortlisting, applying, visiting, testing, interviewing and deciding on the right boarding school offer. It’s exactly the same advice we give to parents when we work with them live, only your education consultancy sessions are pre-recorded and accessed virtually.

When you get stuck, there’s the reassurance of booking an appointment with a live consultant expert via video call. You can book as many video calls with a consultant as you like for a reduced hourly fee. (£147, usually £187). It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to quality advice.

This isn’t information and data like so many education or boarding school search websites – it’s advice shared by our experts, gathered over many years of experience working with parents and boarding schools. Save hours of your valuable time by getting the advice you need all in one place, presented in a simple to follow, step-by-step way. From the comfort of your sofa at any time, in any time zone, right now. No need to wait for a consultant to be free and book an appointment.

Bonus – Because your education consultant is mostly virtual, you’ll receive the same advice at our most cost-effective price.

The Consultancy Club delivers step-by-step advice and guidance for parents across all areas of your boarding school application. Something our research tells us other education consultants will charge up to £10,000 for. All for a one-off investment of only £497.

Access to the Consultancy Club virtual advice sessions is for a lifetime. We add new content regularly. If you’ve got more than one child, you only pay once.

Get instant access to all you need to know to make an application to the right boarding school, so your child will be happy and fulfil their true potential.

Get in touch

Still not sure? Want to try before you invest? You can view the whole of Module One of our virtual consultancy sessions from the Hub as a FREE TRIAL via our YouTube channel by clicking here.

Our team of friendly, experienced expert education consultants looks forward to working with you very soon.

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