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What School Year?

Use the What School Year calculator here or for even more independent education advice and benefits download the app to your mobile device.

Enter your childs first name and date of birth and the results page will tell you:

  • Current UK School year

  • Type of school

  • Key stage of education

  • Age specific things to think about


You can add more than one child by clicking “add child” and you will get a results page for all children entered.


Why not download our app to your iOS or Android mobile phone to use over and over again and to gain access to further independent education advice, information and resources on timing of exams and questions to consider at each stage of education in our UK Education Timeline.


All school ages of UK children are calculated on the 1st September, as this is the start of the UK academic school year and runs through to 31st August in the following year. For example a child with a birthday of 21st September 2004 would be age 7 on 1st September 2012 so would be in year 3 from 1st September 2012.


Contact our team of friendly independent education advice consultants to learn more about how we can help support every stage of your child’s education.

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