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Loughborough Grammar School

Catherine Stoker and Ms Foster stood in front of car
Catherine Stoker, Founder of The Independent Education Consultants with Ms Foster, Headmistress of Loughborough Grammar School.

Our Founder Catherine Stoker recently had the opportunity to visit Loughborough Grammar School to meet with their headteacher, view their campus and all they have to offer. This school review will give you insights, understanding and education advice, to support you when choosing the right boarding school for your child.

Loughborough Grammar School, with an illustrious history dating back to the 1400s, is an integral part of a sprawling campus shared with four other schools within the Foundation. The campus seamlessly blends old-world charm with modern amenities, creating a village-like atmosphere. The school's centrepiece is the magnificent tower and courtyard, which provided a stunning backdrop for our interview with the Head, Helen Foster. Ms Foster's unique approach to nurturing and challenging boys equally, sets the school apart, offering a distinctive educational experience.

Nestled within a campus that exudes history and character, Loughborough Grammar School is a place where tradition meets innovation. The campus's blend of old and new buildings creates a unique ambience, with the impressive tower and courtyard at its heart. This setting epitomises the school's commitment to a holistic educational experience.

Loughborough Grammar School boasts a rich tradition of academic excellence and selective admissions. The school is committed to fostering both academic ambition and personal growth. Its small class sizes and specialised teaching staff create an environment where boys can thrive. Many graduates from Loughborough Grammar School go on to attend top universities, including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, UCL, and Imperial.

Approximately 70 boys are part of the boarding community, housed in two dedicated houses. The boarding experience is characterised by a strong support system and caring staff who know each boy as an individual. The boys appear content and at ease within the school environment, forging friendships that often last a lifetime.

Loughborough Grammar School has a distinguished sporting tradition, with state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional coaching. Cricket, rugby, hockey, athletics, and tennis are among the school's strengths. The new sports hall, equipped with a strength and conditioning gym, is particularly impressive. The school enjoys strong links with neighbouring Loughborough University, enhancing its sporting programs.

Sciences and mathematics are highly popular subjects at the school, with boys often pursuing higher education in medicine and other scientific fields. During her visit, Catherine had the privilege of meeting a HMC scholar from Bulgaria who shared his remarkable experiences at the school. He is applying to study computer science at top universities, including Cambridge. The students at Loughborough Grammar School display not only exceptional talents but also modesty and engagement.

Ms Helen Foster, the Head of the school, is instrumental in shaping the school's unique approach to education. Her commitment to nurturing and challenging boys equally is evident throughout the institution. Loughborough Grammar School offers an all-boys environment where specialist teachers understand what motivates and drives boys, allowing them to grow at their own pace and forge enduring friendships.

Loughborough Grammar School stands as a beacon of academic excellence, sporting prowess, and holistic education. Its rich history, modern facilities, and caring community create an environment where boys can truly flourish. For families seeking a distinctive educational experience for their sons, Loughborough Grammar School is an exceptional choice.

Our Founder Catherine Stoker welcomes Ms Foster, Headmistress of Loughborough Grammar School to Doris the Defender. She asks her all about what makes Loughborough Grammar school special.

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