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"Which Are the Top Boarding Schools in the UK for Athletics?"

Do you have an aspiring athlete who aims to win a gold medal in years to come?

The commitment and training for aspiring elite athletes are not for the faint-hearted, especially when there are also academic studies to take care of too.

 top boarding schools in the uk for athletics

British boarding schools have always had a strong reputation, not only for academic excellence but also for supporting those with a particular sporting passion, with ambitions to excel. Whether your child has a passion for athletics, rowing, tennis, golf, rugby, football, riding, fly fishing and cricket, some of the top boarding schools in the UK have the coaching expertise and facilities to nurture that talent.

Choosing a day or boarding school with a strong athletics programme and a track record of success in national competitions will certainly help. Usually, the programme is delivered in conjunction with a local club, to give access to the best coaches, depending on their particular discipline. Get in touch to find out how one of our academic consultants can help you find the right school.

Top boarding schools in the Uk for athletics:

Tonbridge School This all boy’s boarding school has a world class athletics track and strong links with local clubs. The schools also nurture talented pupils through sports academies for hockey, cricket and rugby.

Sedbergh School Made a very strong showing in the recent Northern HMC Athletics competition with wins for Intermediate Girls, Intermediate Boys, Senior Girls and Senior boys. With the annual Wilson run a gruelling highlight of the school year, it’s not surprising that Sedbergh pupils have the fitness and determination to do well in athletics.

Rugby School Athletics is a major sport in the summer term with access to the Rugby town tartan track and coaching in each of the specialised events. There’s a full fixture list with other public schools (U15, U17 and U19), as well as taking part in the English Schools Combined Events Championships, Track and Field Cup, National Track and Field Championships and the Achilles Relays. Recent successes include reaching the national final of the Track and Field Cup with the ‘inter’ girls and ‘inter’ boys teams.

Repton School It's hard to leave Repton off any list of schools that encourage excellence in sports. To quote their website, ‘It’s Repton School’s aim to discover and develop the sporting and athletic potential within every pupil, as part of a balanced and challenging co-curriculum.’ Though mainly focused on team sports, they pride themselves in accommodating the sporting ambitions of any individual. Elite performers receive close personal tutoring and training, and in some cases, a tailored academic programme can be developed for their individual needs. The aim is to support their sporting ambitions while maintaining their academic development.

Millfield School Athletics specialists train year-round with specialist coaching in technique, mechanics, strength and conditioning. All those who attain English Schools’ entry or national standards are given one-to-one coaching.

The Dragon School (prep) The summer term athletics programme is extensive, with regular fixtures leading up to the National Prep School Athletic Championships. The Dragon regularly attains top prep school spots in the country with its individual medal tally. With access to the running track at Iffley Road stadium in Oxford, where Roger Bannister first ran the sub 4 minute mile, who wouldn’t be inspired?

Bromsgrove School Impressive investment has been made in sporting facilities in recent years, with access to a 400 metre running track (at the adjacent Ryland Centre). The fixture list is extensive, as well as regular participation in regional and national competitions.

Brighton College Frequently participates in competitions at a National level with success in all age groups. The academic excellence of this co-ed boarding and day school offers an ideal combination for those ambitious in both sports and academic achievements.

Uppingham School A major sport for both boys and girls in the summer term, achievements in athletics are notable. As well as an extensive school fixture list, teams compete in national events including the Achilles Relays, and the national schools’ competition held at Iffley Road in Oxford. Many pupils qualify for the Leicestershire and Rutland County Championships annually, with some representing the county at district and national school competitions.

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Each of these top boarding schools in the UK for athletics also offers outstanding academic and living opportunities where they will thrive and shine in the classroom as well as develop independence in their living quarters. We have other blogs that bring into the spotlight other top boarding schools in the UK that offer rowing, tennis, golf, rugby, football, riding, fly fishing and cricket.

If you would like to speak to one of our academic consultants about how we can help you find the right school for your child contact us using the button below.

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