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How to use the school website to prepare for a school interview

Here’s Claire talking about ways to help your child use the school website to help prepare for their senior school interviews.

  • It is really important for your child to really show the school that he genuinely wants to go there and will be happy in the environment.

  • The school want to learn about your child and this is an opportunity to set themselves apart from the other candidates.

  • By researching the school before hand and looking closely at their strengths, successes, offerings and opportunity your child will grow enthusiastic about the possibility of going there in the future and they will be able to give an answer that comes from the heart!

  • School newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds all provide an insight into day to day life at the school – share these with your child and notice what excites them!

We can help...

Our team can help you prepare your child for their school interview so they are confident, informed and ready to show their best self on the day.

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