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Academic evaluation service


The first step towards choosing the best future school for your child is to understand their academic level, potential and any weaker areas to support. School reports often focus on subjective opinion of teachers, rather than evaluating potential using objective data. In our experience, parents with prep school age children often don’t know how their child’s academic ability compares with both their peers, and the test expectations for entry to a top British boarding school.

What’s the outcome?

It’s only when we stretch ourselves that we truly see how far we can go. However, stretching too far can lead to a loss of confidence. The academic evaluation service gives you the reassurance your future school choices are right for your child, enabling them to achieve their true potential in the right school for them to shine.

Who’s it for?

International junior school parents, aiming for their child to transition to a top British boarding school at age 13. You may be confused and feeling unsupported by your current school, while navigating the process of where, when, and how to apply.

A child in a UK boarding prep school who’s been rejected or added to the waiting list after top school pre-tests and you’re wondering why and what to do next.

How does the service work?

In your own home at time to suit you, your child will sit an online, adaptive test, like the one used by the top boarding schools you’re applying to. The resulting report will be discussed via 1-2-1 video call with one of our expert education consultants.

They’ll give you an overview of your child’s capabilities in areas such as English, Maths, NVR, and VR, explaining how your child’s ability compares with others of the same age. Sharing expertise on the expectations of top boarding schools for entry, they’ll help you to evaluate which boarding schools they feel are the best fit academically for your son or daughter.

How do I proceed?

I’m pleased to hear you’d like to go ahead.

Please get in touch and our team would be more than happy to support you and your child!

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