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Starting work in April of year 12

As Year 12 students approach the end of their academic year, they will soon have to face the daunting task of applying for universities through the UCAS application process. It’s important that families don’t keep putting off the decision to get started. The process can be challenging and overwhelming for both students and parents, which is why it's important to consider working with one of our amazing education consultants to support your family throughout the research and application phases. We know that schools and colleges are busy places, so we offer a highly bespoke University Application Service to complement the excellent work being done in schools. How can we help?

1. We can help students choose the right course and university

Choosing the right course and university is a crucial decision that will affect a student's future career and personal development. An education consultant can provide expert guidance and advice on the best options available based on a student's academic strengths and interests. Our consultants have extensive knowledge about universities and their courses, so they can help students make informed decisions about which institutions to apply to.

We can also assist with the research process by providing shortcuts and guidance on application deadlines, and admission requirements. We help students create a list of universities to consider based on their preferences, academic history, and career goals. Our University Application Service can save students and parents a considerable amount of time and reduce the stress associated with making such an important decision.

2. We can provide bespoke guidance throughout the application process

The UCAS application process can be complex and confusing for both students and parents. Our consultants provide step-by-step guidance on the application process and assist with completing the application forms. We also provide advice on writing the personal statement, which is a critical part of the application process that can determine whether a student is offered a place or not.

We can also help students prepare for interviews, which may be required by some universities as part of the application process. We provide guidance on what to expect during the interview and help students prepare answers to common interview questions.

3. Improve a student's chances of success

Competition for university places can be fierce, and it's essential that students submit a strong application to improve their chances of success. An education consultant can help students present their academic achievements and extracurricular activities in the best possible light. They can also advise students on how to highlight their strengths and mitigate any weaknesses in their application.

By working with one of our consultants, students can ensure that their application stands out from the thousands of other applicants and increases their chances of being offered a place.

How can our university application service help you?

To find out more about how our University Application Service can help secure a place at the right university for your teenager, please get in touch with our education consultants.

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