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How to make the most of sixth form

How to make the most of Sixth Form so that your UCAS application is irresistible to UK universities.

I have more than 30 years of experience in assisting families and students to support them in navigating the ins and outs of applying to a university and I have helped to place students in universities all over the world and have unrivalled expertise in the UK sector in particular so I am aware that many students and parents leave it until close to the end of Year 12 (Lower Sixth) before starting to think seriously about preparing their UCAS application and applying to university. However, realistically, the sooner you start the better. So, here are my 4 top tips about making the most of Sixth Form.

To find out more about how we can support your son or daughter to make effective decisions in any part of the UCAS application process, visit our university service page by clicking the button below:

1. Start planning for university at the beginning of sixth form You need to start to plan for university at the very beginning of Year 12. All your university research should be done before your Year 12 exams start at the end of the year. Your personal statement should be ready by the time you return to school for Year 13. Visit Uni-Assist Hub or read this blog for help on writing your personal statement.

Key points

  • Make sure your subject choices reflect your aspirations when applying for Sixth Form

  • Use UCAS Hub or Unifrog to research course choices and campuses

  • Keep focused on the academic and personal profiles

  • Make sure you know about additional requirements like testing or auditions

  • Be in regular contact with the person who is writing your reference

2. Plan your sixth form experience carefully Sixth Form can be a bit of a whirlwind. You start courses, start CCAs and suddenly your day is full. You need to plan your two years carefully. Develop a strategy for periods of intensity and rest. We offer support and guidance on applying for Sixth Form so you can find the right school for your son or daughter, find out more by clicking here.

Key points

  • Draw up a calendar for the two years at the beginning of Year 12

  • Be consistent with your work ethic. Prepare thoroughly for mocks

  • Build in periods of rest. Use your holidays to decompress and have fun

  • Be ready for end of Year 12 and beginning of Year 13 to be very focused

  • Understand the importance of Year 12 exams and Year 13 application submission

3. Build a strong, appropriate academic profile UK universities make admissions decisions based on academics initially. It’s important that students maintain a consistent academic profile and that they think about university plans before they are applying for Sixth Form.

Key points

  • When applying for Sixth Form, choose subjects that you’re good at and enjoy.

  • Make sure your subjects meet your university aspirations.

  • Hit the ground running – Year 12 really counts.

  • Act upon feedback from your teachers quickly and effectively.

  • Seek help and support early. Don’t stay quiet and make mistakes.

4. Build an irresistible personal profile Whilst academics will help to cross the first hurdle of the admissions process, universities really want to see the person behind the grades

Key points

  • Plan activities outside school that you really enjoy

  • Serve your community – give something back

  • Enhance your academics through online courses

  • Do EPQ if your school offers it. If not, work on a personal project anyway

  • Be organized – document the things you do and the skills you’ve developed

How can we help you with applying for sixth form?

Remember that this is a very competitive process. We can help and support you every step of the way and guide you towards submitting a compelling application. Our aim is to guide you towards acceptance at your first-choice university

Key points

  • We can help you to choose the right subjects for A Level/IB or equivalent to ensure that you are qualified for the future course that interests you.

  • We can guide you through the research process on Unifrog where you will have a personal account and access to a vast resource base.

  • We can work with you to craft a compelling personal statement.

  • We can help you to choose five universities then narrow it down to the final two.

  • We can offer expert advice on fee status, accommodation, and travel.

  • We can work with you whilst you settle into the first term and support you with face-to-face meetings and coffee mornings to make you feel more at home

  • We can support you every step of the way through the complex process to apply to Oxbridge, Imperial, UCL and LSE along with application to medicine, dentistry, and veterinary science.

For more information and advice on applying for Sixth Form, please get in touch with one of our education experts today.

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