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How do you choose a boarding school if you are unable to visit?

We can help...

We work with a lot of families considering boarding schools for their children who are finding it difficult to make their boarding school decisions.

We believe that visiting a school, experiencing the atmosphere, watching how the teachers and students interact with each other, seeing the students engage with their friends, and meeting the key staff is really important when choosing a boarding school, but in these difficult times, when travel is complicated and not possible, how do you make your choice?

We asked staff at boarding school and discussed it with our team and we were all in agreement – communication is key!

First, put your child at the centre of your boarding school choice.

Who are going to be the key members of staff for your child, this could be the housemistress or matron, maybe a music teacher or sports coach.

Ask to speak to these members of staff about your child and get to know them.

Is there an opportunity to speak to a current student or parent?

The more you communicate with the boarding school and its staff the more your relationship with them will develop and hopefully your decision will become clearer.

Our team have visited many boarding schools and know the staff well so if you have any questions or want to talk through your options, please get in touch.

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