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"Inside Cottesmore: Choosing a Boarding School & Exploring Boarding School Life with Tom Rogerson"

Introduction to Cottesmore Prep: A Leading Boarding School in Sussex. Doris the mobile recording studio visits esteemed headmaster Mr. Tom Rogerson at Cottesmore prep school on a cold yet bright winter's day, for an insightful video interview on topics such as, choosing a boarding school and getting an insider's view of boarding school life.

Doris the defender, cottesmore boarding school, head tom rogerson and Catherine stoker
Doris the mobile recording studio heads to Cottesmore to interview head Tom Rogerson

Cottesmore Prep school  

Headmaster: Tom Rogerson 

Co-educational: family-owned, full boarding prep school 

Ages: 5-13 years old. Boarding from age 8-13 years old

Closest airport – Gatwick is 20 minutes by car 

Train to London – One hour 20 minutes 


This award winning, full-boarding, co-educational prep school for boys and girls aged 5 to 13, is set in the stunning British countryside of Sussex, yet only a stone’s throw from London with easy access to trains and airports.   


Tom Rogerson: Leading the Way in Innovative Education at Cottesmore Prep.

Approaching via a long drive, which meanders through the many acres of grounds, sports pitches, a golf course, parkland and woods, you arrive at the front door of the main school building. Whilst the building itself feels very traditional and ‘Harry Potter’ in style, the teaching facilities and educational curriculum are ambitiously challenging and full of 21st Century innovation.

As an early adopter of AI in education, Tom has led the way in exploring how it can be used to remove some of the more admin-type tasks from teachers, freeing up more of their time to spend with the children.

Whilst committed to retaining consistently strong academic attainments within the traditional British prep school curriculum subjects, including a successful track record with ISEB pre-tests and Common Entrance exams, Cottesmore is certainly exploring more creative and engaging ways to inspire children’s love of learning. 

"Reminiscent of scenes from 'Harry Potter', the educational ethos embraced by Cottesmore Prep was anything but outdated."


Tom Rogerson: Leading the Way in Innovative Education at Cottesmore Prep.

Walking around the school with the Headmaster Tom Rogerson, whose family have owned and run the school for generations, we had frequent meetings with happy children who were keen to stop to talk to us about their ambitious senior boarding school destinations and all the many and diverse activities and interests they enjoy both in and outside the classroom, to build confidence, nurture talent and potential.

We chatted to one child about his chess achievements, another about her show jumping, and another about his Winchester interview. Senior school destinations range from Brighton College, St Mary’s Ascot, Cheltenham ladies College, Eton, Harrow, Winchester, Tonbridge, Eastbourne College, Hurstpierpoint, Lancing College, to name but a few. 

It’s very clear that Tom spends a great deal of time with parents ensuring each child aims for the right senior boarding school for them.  

"Tom emphasises the importance of balance. He aims to encourage students to explore their passions and talents fully, equipping them with the skills and resilience needed to navigate an ever-changing world."


Inside Cottesmore Prep: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation.

In every classroom we visited, there was inspirational teaching with lots of discussion and working together, whilst a focus on traditional respect and manners is in evidence.

One class were learning about the second world war and were fascinated to hear Tom add value to their learning task by talking about an old boy who had invented an aircraft in the first war. The teacher was able to divert the lesson focus in an instant by using the interactive board to show the class a video on YouTube of the aircraft in flight which started an interesting conversation about what the current pupils might be known for when they have left the school. 


Boarding Student Success Stories: Boarding School Dorms

The boarding dorms are all on the top floor of the main house. Whilst housed in the characterful old building, there are comfy beds, plenty of cosy beanbags and sofas, as well as lots of space to relax and spend time enjoying time with friends.  

When it comes to choosing a boarding school, Tom's sage advice resonates with parents and prospective students alike: the school should be the right fit for the child, rather than the other way around.


This is a very happy, fast-paced and ambitious school. Children seem to learn without realising it. What an amazing place to enjoy childhood, whilst growing in confidence, interests and fulfilling academic potential, in preparation for the next step to move on to some of the top senior boarding schools in the country at age 13. 

Watch the full video interview here and learn from Tom's insights about choosing a boarding school.

If you are curious about the reality of boarding schools and education, you might want to watch the full-length video below. Tom shares his insider views and gives some advice on how to make the most of your experience if you decide to enrol in a boarding school.

Cottesmore Prep - Where Excellence Meets Nurturing

Cottesmore Prep is a wonderful school that provides an outstanding education and a happy childhood for its pupils. If you are interested in finding out more about Cottesmore Prep please click here to get in touch with one of our advisors.

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