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How to make your UCAS application for medicine or law stand out from the crowd

Applying to study Medicine or Law in the UK is an intensively competitive and demanding process where decisions are made on fine margins. It’s essential to spend time on the process and, ideally, work individually with a university application consultant who has in-depth experience of supporting families through the entire process. The entire preparation process should start at the beginning of Year 12 (or during the summer holiday at the end of Year 11).

Our team of careers experts will mentor your teenager throughout the UK university application process as a university application consultant, enabling them to clarify their university and course choices, guiding them towards completing an effective UCAS application.

Applying to study medicine at university

For those aspiring to become doctors of the future, applying to study medicine at a UK university through UCAS can be a very tricky and time-consuming process.

There are many factors to take into account when making your application including:

Once your application is submitted, preparing for the interviews is crucial as they can be rigorous.

Format of interview for different universities and different courses –multi mini, group discussion or more traditional panel interviews.

  • Understanding the ethics of practising medicine.

  • Understanding the NHS from an in-house perspective.

  • Showing you have the commitment, determination and enthusiasm to stay the course.

Our university application consultant has the expertise to support you and your aspiring medic in making a strong application, as well as preparing them well for interviews.

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