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How to keep young brains stimulated

Exam season is stressful, and everyone here at The Independent Education Consultants wants to wish every student the biggest congratulations on all their hard work this year! It is only natural to want to blow off steam and celebrate the end of the year and not even consider the idea of making their brain work now that exams are over, but we have news for you…

During the summer break it is important to keep their brain stimulated, it will help regulate a healthy lifestyle; good sleeping pattern, daily routine, encouraging nature, etc. and prepare for them to return to education in September. This blog is going to provide some ideas on how to keep the cogs turning in young brains during the summer holidays.

It is also important to ensure your child is attending a school that encourages them to thrive and shine – now is a time that parents tend to start thinking and maybe even questioning their child’s education, and we are here to help you find some clarity. Get in touch to find out how below:

1. Write a letter to a friend

This one can be really fun, especially if your child is away from friends at boarding school. Writing to them letting them know what they’ve been up to and finding out how they are is a great way to stay in touch with friends they won’t see until next term – but it is also an excellent way to keep practicing spelling, writing and communication skills they’ve built up.

2. Challenge yourself with puzzles

There are so many ways to do this, games on a smart phone, computer, or console, etc. But to avoid screen time there are numerous puzzle books to can get your hands on. Puzzles help to keep the brain active while throwing an element of challenge into the mix. They can even turn this into healthy competition with friends or family.

3. Reading list

Okay… it doesn’t have to be a list but finding some books to get them through the summer will definitely exercise their brain. Maybe they have a topic from school that they want to widen their knowledge on or have a specific series of books by a fictional author they’ve been dying to get their teeth into. Whatever it is, come rain or sunshine there is always time to pick up a good book and let their brain do some exploring.

4. Learn something new

Just because term time is almost over doesn’t mean that learning is ever finished. The saying goes – “Every day is a school day” – but don’t let that fool your child(ren)! You’ll be surprised how much more you learn each day without even realising it, but maybe there is something specific your child can dedicate their time to such as painting or even learning code, how about practicing their football skills, and learning some new tricks to show their friends? Dedicated time to learn something new will keep their brain thriving this summer.

5. Educational entertainment

Your family want to just relax right? No problem, while we hope you all enjoy the glorious summer weather, when you just need some time to relax in doors in front of the television there are always educational programmes on TV for your child(ren) to watch. They can also search for educational videos on YouTube or read books and search the internet. It is recommended to have breaks from screens regularly – so do enjoy some fresh air also!

We hope that has given you some fun ideas to stimulate young brains this summer and that you are excited to start some of these exciting activities with your family.

The Summer Holidays is also the time that parents tend to think long and hard about their child’s education journey. Maybe there is a big transition to Sixth Form or University coming in the next term, or maybe you think your it’s time to re-evaluate where your child will thrive based on their talents and passions and are considering a new school search.

Whatever it is, our consultants are ready to support and guide you through the next milestone in your child’s education journey.

Reach out today by filling out our contact form.

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