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How do I choose the right private boarding school for sixth form?

Every child is different, and each school has slightly different application deadlines, tests, and processes for entry in sixth form. It can be confusing and complicated. There are so many factors that come together to make sixth form education a success and it can be tricky to decide on the best boarding school option which covers them all.

Choosing the right sixth form course

The grades and wider experiences achieved at sixth form are crucial to plans you may have when applying to university through UCAS, or even to College in the USA. Which puts a strong pointer to selecting the right course when choosing a boarding school for sixth form.

The academic grades you achieve are the most important aspect of a UCAS application. Sixth form study is tough and therefore it’s crucial to choose to study the right course for you and the subjects you are interested in and passionate about.

Friends and networks

The network of friends your child meets during sixth form will most likely be the tribe that supports them throughout their future life. Therefore, considering this when picking a school is crucial.

Life skills

Experiencing boarding school for sixth form develops important life skills such as independence, responsibility, cooperation, tolerance, and resilience. Selecting a school that suits your requirements and learning needs is highly important.

Plan ahead

Applying to a new boarding school for entry in sixth form is quite a detailed and timely process. It’s important to plan, so you have time to visit schools, register, apply, and then build your confidence in preparation for entry tests and interviews.

Many boarding schools make their sixth form place offers around 1st December in the academic year ahead of starting sixth form. (Year 11) Working backwards, visiting schools in year 10 allows time to select schools, visit, and submit your application ahead of entry tests and interviews in the Autumn term of year 11. Many parents leave this too late, and we often help families to find last-minute boarding school places.

Allowing yourself time to consider this pivotal stage of education carefully will undoubtedly lead to fewer grey hairs.

Seeking expert advice and guidance with your application could be a good investment in your child’s future. The Independent Education Consultants offer a variety of service packages and education support, depending on your query and how long you have before your boarding school application deadline. Get in touch with us to get started today.

Here are some of the questions parents ask our team of expert Consultants while working with them to advise on choosing the right boarding school for entry in sixth form.

  • What are the pros and cons of moving school for sixth form?

  • Is it a good idea to move from day school to boarding school for sixth form?

  • If I move to state school from private school will this help my application to Oxford or Cambridge?

  • Is it a good idea to move from an all-girls private boarding school to a co-ed school for sixth form?

  • Does it matter if my child is older than their year group for sixth form boarding schools in the UK?

  • When should I visit schools if I want to move my child to a boarding school for sixth form?

  • What entry tests and interviews will my child take for entry to boarding school in sixth form?

  • What do I write in a pen profile on my application form?

  • What subjects and how many should I study in sixth form?

  • Do I need to take certain subjects in sixth form to study medicine, engineering, architecture, or law?

  • Do my GCSE grades matter when considering sixth form subject choices and applying to new boarding schools for sixth form entry?

  • Should I choose to study IB or A levels in sixth form?

  • How many subjects do I study if I choose to take the IB Diploma?

  • What is an EPQ?

  • What’s a BTEC and why should I choose to study these?

If you would like advice and guidance on any of the above FAQs, we are keen to support you. Please get in touch to book your complimentary call with our team.

Choosing a new boarding school for sixth form is a complicated process which often raises more questions than answers. Considering what’s best for you as an individual is critical to getting this decision right. Our experts are here to guide you at each step.

We look forward to talking to you soon.

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