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This comprehensive 1-2-1 service is for families looking for support throughout the whole process of choosing, applying to and accepting a place at a UK Independent school.
The outcome of the prestige service is at least one offer of a place at one of the mutually agreed short-list of schools and support with the acceptance and joining processes.

Your reassuring words of wisdom were exactly what we needed. They gave us the understanding and confidence to make a decision on the right boarding school.’ 

  • Ahead of your consultation, you’ll complete an online questionnaire to bring clarity and focus to your personal school search criteria, as well as enable our Consultant to better understand your current thinking and school objectives, ahead of their call with you.
  • In the first consultation, you’ll get answers to all your initial questions and discuss as a family what the “perfect” school for your child looks like,
  • Our team of consultants have years of experience in helping families from all over the world find the right school for their child.
  • We will match you with the consultant who has the knowledge to give you answers to the questions you have on any aspect of your UK INDEPENDENT SCHOOL SEARCH.
  • Our team are available at short notice and will often make time for you in the evenings or weekends to allow for different time zones.
  • Reviewing the child’s school reports, assessments and parents’ school search criteria in advance of first consultation 
  • During the first consultation, which usually lasts up to an hour, the consultant will give an overview of the UK education system as relevant to the child’s age, transition and entry points, entry exam process, as well as discussing parents’ individual school search criteria and verbally reviewing a range of school options which meet the brief 
  • Where relevant, carrying out an online test to assess child’s level of English 
  • Summary via email with list of school websites for parent review. 
  • Follow-up consultation, to discuss parent queries as well as possible schools and agree a final short-list of schools to visit and/or register for application 
  • Making calls to a short-list of up to four schools to check place availability, introduce the family to the school and research their entry process 
  • Feedback this information to parents via emails 
  • Book initial school visit appointments to up to four short-listed schools as part of parents’ research process. This will include a tour of the school and meeting with key staff as well as testing and interview if schools request 
  • Advise parents on registration process where applicable. 
  • Provide an itinerary of school visits with school contact information and directions 
  • Provide parents with a list of suggested questions to ask on a school visit and make suggestions as to how to prepare the child for the visit 
  • Seek feedback from schools following school visits. 
  • Discuss visits with parents via Skype, phone or email. Agree an order of school preference and a timeline/process for proceeding with applications 
  • Once the school short-list of up to four schools for application has been agreed, assist the parents with arranging follow-up assessments/taster days for the parents and child. Sometimes the assessment visit must be done on a different day to the initial parent visit/tour. However, we endeavour to combine these into one visit where possible  
  • Where an assessment visit is not possible and the school of entry is happy to do so, arrange for school entry tests papers to be sent to the child’s current school or a ‘trusted country-based representative’ for invigilation. Checking the papers return to the school for marking 
  • Up to 2 x 1-hour video calls with the child to prepare them for interview, recommend sources of practice entry papers and advise child on suitable revision for exams. Email feedback to parents 
  • Liaising with schools and relaying assessment results to the parents. Assisting parents in making the final school decision. 
  • Assisting parents with the completion of place acceptance forms and returning to schools. (All school registration fees and deposits are payable by parents as an additional cost) 
  • Where relevant, assisting with recommending and making an application for an intensive English language or academic summer course 
  • Booking taxis to and from school visit appointments from parents’ hotels (Costs to be met by parents) 
  • Recommending hotels close to schools 


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The price for the PRESTIGE SERVICE is £4,997 +vat if applicable

this is payable in 2 installments – First £3,000 upon commencement of the work with our team and the remaining balance due upon offer of a place from at least one of your chosen schools