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Boarding language - key people

In November we shared a short series of Boarding School Language, specifically Points of Contact – which we shared on our social media during Anti-Bullying Week. We chose to share this because it is important that you, the parents, and your children are clearly aware of who you can talk to in any situation – including a possible bullying situation.

Even-though Anti-Bullying week is over now, it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t still be aware and raising awareness. We also still think it will be useful that our clients and their children are aware of who to talk to, all the different levels of staff at boarding school who can help identify a worrying situation, help come to a conclusion and advise on a solution.

That is why this week’s blog is going to be defining the Points of Contact at Boarding School so that you are completely aware of the helpful people at the school your child is attending… also in this blog they will be in one easy-to-find helpful place!

Points of contact


All terms used for the Head of the whole school.

Housemaster/House Mistress:

The senior residential member of staff who is responsible for your child in the boarding setting. They usually teach as well as look after children in the boarding house.


The residential member of staff who looks after children’s day-to-day needs in the boarding house such as laundry, illness, homesickness. Matrons are often the ‘Mum’ of the boarding house team.


The teacher who is responsible for watching over your child’s academic progress day-to-day.


The team of staff at the school which is the main point of contact for all enquiries from new parents. They also manage the whole entry registration and testing process.

Registrar or Director of Admissions:

The name used by the member of staff who’s in charge of the admissions staff team and the whole of the entry testing and interview progress.

Gap Student:

A recent school leaver, either British or from overseas. They live in the school and support teachers with sports, boarding house duties and weekend activities. An older brother or sister-type mentor for boarders.

Pastoral Care:

The term used to describe the medical, mental, and general well-being support for your child at boarding school.

Buddy System:

The pupil who is asked to look out for a new pupil when they first start at the school, they offer them support and advice. The Buddy System can have different names such as ‘Peer Mentor’.

Other points of contact you should keep in mind, but you wouldn’t necessarily raise worries about your child with are to follow. The following Points of Contact are usually only necessarily spoken to if there is praise to be given to the school or any issues to be risen, or during the application and payment process.

Chair of Governors:

The leader of the body of Governors who set the strategic direction for the school and oversee its provision.


The name given to the person who deals with the finance matters such as school fee bills.

There you have it, all the Points of Contact/Key People at Boarding School – all together in one helpful article for you to refer to while choosing boarding school for your child.

We hope you find this very helpful during the application process to your chosen boarding school, if you haven’t chosen the perfect boarding school yet why not narrow down your search by utilizing our School Shortlist Package where you will work one-to-one with one of our education experts.

If you have any further queries, we advise you to get in touch today to speak to one of our education experts for any other questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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