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Advice for children worried by the news

As we are sure you’re aware, the news has been very heavy, devastating, and difficult to comprehend lately. With the escalation of the situation between Ukraine and Russia, we understand some children may be struggling at the moment. The events happening between Ukraine and Russia can, understandably, cause distress and fear in young people and their minds, especially around a matter so large and completely out of our hands and theirs.

Our company supports many families from across the globe and witnessing the current events is heartbreaking. Children and their education are at the heart of this company, and we have guided many families to find the right school and support in the UK. From our first point of contact via education consultant to parent, we want to understand the families wants and needs.

In this blog we would like to suggest some ways to help young ones with their thoughts and feelings around the current affairs across the news.

Discuss the stories with your child

Don’t be afraid to address the awful events happening right now, some clarity may help calm their mind. Of course, there will be things they don’t need to know, things that can be above the bar that they can cope with – however bringing the events to light, especially if your child is curious and scared, will help them to rationalize their thoughts. Encouraging them to talk about how they feel is also important, help them to voice their emotions toward such a terrifying matter and remind them that their feelings matter – as do those around them.

Do things that make you all happy

We can’t just stand still while these events unfold, we should try to enjoy the life and luxuries we have. Doing things that make us happy, big or small, will create a distraction to let you and your child relax for a while. The key thing to remember is this isn’t a permanent situation, it is also a situation that doesn’t happen often, so by upkeeping normal and happy environments for your children it will help them not to dwell on the events as much as they should still be aware of them. Do things such as going for a family walk, movie nights, game time, visit family and friends, etc. and watch their smile grow.

Find ways to help

Your child may feel helpless, we adults certainly feel helpless when events like between Ukraine and Russia unfold. There are multiple ways to help, charities that are supporting Ukraine, and donation points. Helping those in need can bring a sense of calm as you and your family will have done your bit to help during an awful event. There will be links to a list of charities at the end of this blog where you can donate to help Ukraine.

Play the gratitude game

It is key to note all the things we are grateful for. During this tough time, and difficult conversations with our young ones, it is important to remember and understand all the things we have to be grateful for. The gratitude game helps to get children talking about everything good around them and will spark happiness while relaxing their thoughts about this time.

Don’t believe everything you hear

While the events unfolding between Ukraine and Russia are scary and devastating, it is important to remind children not to believe everything they read online or hear from others. Help them to understand what sources are reliable if they are online and help them to talk rationally about the situation with adults to help them understand the events without the confusion of “Chinese whispers”.

We hope some of this advice helps, and we hope you are also all keeping safe and well during these uncertain times.

Stay safe and we hope to hear from you soon.

As mentioned earlier in this blog, below is a list of charities that are supporting Ukraine and their websites to find out how you can help.

Red Cross – Donate

People in Need – Donate

International Medical Corps – Donate

UNICEF – Donate

CARE International – Donate

Nova – Donate

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