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What to expect on results day 2022

GCSE Results Day - 25th August 2022

A-Level Results Day - 18th August 2022

Results day is just around the corner and we’re sure you’re all biting your nails, anticipating what grades your child(ren) have received for all their hard work.

This year (like the last few years) has been strange but for different reasons – the main reason being children were back in the classrooms and able to learn and progress with their teachers and peers in person. Fantastic news – we’re slowly getting back to normal!

There is another reason this year has been strange – students can collect their results in person! The previous two years Results Day’s were in a strange and unpredictable time so this year we can assure you that on results day your child(ren) are able to go to their school with their friends to support each other and celebrate together.

So, how can you help your child prepare for Results Day 2022?

Remember you can always get in touch with one of our friendly education consultants to figure out your next steps, click the button below:

How can your child prepare ahead of results day?

  • Take some time to relax and enjoy themselves after their exams.

  • Give them praise for their hard work this year and talk to them about what to expect on results day.

  • Work on calming nerves ahead of results day – it is likely they will feel apprehensive about receiving their results so it is important work on relaxing their mind and preparing them for the best and the unexpected.

  • Encourage them to spend time with their friends and plan the big day accordingly.

What should they bring on the day?

  • Fully charged mobile phone – they can call their family and friends who aren’t present to let know them their results, take lots of photos and of course use it in case of emergency.

  • Photographic ID – it is unlikely they will need this but it is a good idea to bring it along if they have it, just in case!

  • Notebook and Pen – in the scenario they need to record important information for next steps or people to contact they can use this or their phone to note things down.

  • A bottle of water – it’s hot in August and it is important to stay hydrated.

  • A snack – nerves can get the best of anyone and most students are nervous to receive their results. Ensure they’ve had a good breakfast and have a snack to help them if they start to feel panicked or worried.

What happens if your child can’t attend results day?

  • You can arrange in advance for your school or college to send your results to you via email or post if your child(ren) cannot attend on the day.

  • Emails are usually received around 8am on results day – post may differ. However, this can vary depending on your school.

  • Be sure to check with teachers that this is arranged and talk about any further information they can provide about results day.

  • If your child can’t attend results day last minute – don’t worry! Results will still be sent in the post to anyone who doesn’t attend on the day, however, this will take longer to arrive. Give your school a ring to let them know and they will advise how to proceed.

Well done to every single student who completed their GCSEs and A-Levels and long awaits results day – it will be here before you know it and then it will be time for their next steps!

Our consultants are always available to talk about next steps and any worries or queries you have about your child(ren)’s education journey so please do get in touch to see how we can help you. Click the contact button below to get in touch.

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