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Is cultural understanding key to future success?

The importance of developing cultural understanding amongst school-age youngsters, is something that shouldn’t be forgotten. Preparing them for a successful future business career includes this crucial step.

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The working world is international. There are many ways we can educate the younger generation without it feeling like schoolwork, as this lesson appears regularly in day-to-day life.

Empathy for the etiquette of doing business with different nationalities and cultural or social backgrounds is crucial and this can be introduced to younger generations by doing things such as:

  • Inviting children from different cultures home for tea.

  • Considering acting as guardian to an international child at a local boarding school.

  • Trusting your child at with a guardian while they learn and develop at a British boarding school.

  • Introducing meals from other cultures both at home and in the school dining hall.

  • Encouraging children to explore different culture’s history, art, food, traditions, etc.

  • Exploring new languages to comfortably speak with peers from other schools.

  • Using different languages daily at school and at home.

  • When visiting a new country, take time to appreciate and understand their culture.

There are many great ways for parents to instil understanding of culture within their youngsters at home.

With the uptake of languages at GCSE and A Level in decline, are we expecting our global business partners of the future to speak English, hoping other countries place languages higher on their curriculum priorities than we do? Smart subject choices could make a far more attractive CV in the future. Many schools now offer Mandarin, Japanese or Russian, some of which are listed below:

Communication skills are fundamental to career success. With social media and technology, it is easier than ever to keep in touch, but sadly this seems to have replaced talking to one another. Are we raising a generation who will lack the capability to initiate conversation and hence the potential to network and develop successful business relationships? Sending an email or text instead of picking up the phone seems to be the norm but let’s not forget the art of a real conversation.

Encouraging children to favor culture and languages over screens and games may be no easy task, but it is a crucial skill that they will thank their parents for encouraging in later life. Help them to imagine their world when they’re grown, a world where they understand foreign cultures, are welcomed by many, they will appreciate and respect punctuality and good manners from a younger age, introduce foreign traditions and language into their own daily lives, understand how languages and cultural education will open up their futures for more fun, information and success in later life.

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