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How can you change the world?

The biggest and probably most difficult question your child’s future school interviewer could ask them.

A question which is quite popular this interview season. Also, a question that may scare a few parents, because as you can imagine, it’s quite a daunting question to ask a child, no matter their age.

However, don’t worry… They’re not expected to do that right away! Of course, that would be ridiculous, and impossible. This question is simply one to see how the cogs of the fantastic brain inside your child turn, and how they will fit into their potential school.

The best way to approach these types of questions is simple, talk to you child.

We don’t mean about the question being in the interview, not at all – but talk to them about current events in the world, help them understand affairs happening all over the world, even just on your doorstep. Help them to understand without imposing any personal views and encourage them to find an opinion on their own.

This will give them the freedom to assess the world in their own way, the freedom to express right from wrong as they see it.

Children will perform at their best if parents aim to identify a happy medium. Ensure their children aim high, without pushing too hard that they become dis-illusioned and switch off or feel that their childhood has to some degree been stolen from them. Letting them interpret the real world in their own way will help with this and help them portray themselves as strong thinkers with high ambitions to their interviewer.

Helping them to develop social skills and emotional intelligence is just as important as the highest academic qualifications. The ability to network and communicate effectively will be just as important to potential schools, colleges, university, and employers as exam grades.

Interview preparation is about giving your child the tools and confidence to think for themselves. It is not about telling a child what to say. An over-prepared child will be obvious to the school you are visiting, and that’s why this question has been pretty popular this interview season. They want to know if your child can think and work independently and what better way to find out than with an interview question that would stump most adults, let alone children!

Get in touch

We want to wish you and your children the best of luck this interview season, if you have any more questions or queries, please get in touch.

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