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Boarding schools that offer IB

There are more choices than ever when it comes to sixth form study at British boarding schools. In addition to A levels, many are now specialist boarding schools with IB programs (International Baccalaureate Diploma).

Suitable for those who are equally strong across all subject areas, the IB Diploma allows students to study more subjects during their two years in the sixth form. For those who are finding it tricky to narrow down their subject choices to three A levels, this programme offers an excellent solution.

Three subjects are studied at higher level and three at standard level, as well as doing an Extended Essay. This maintains study in English (or another first language if applicable) sciences, a second language, math, humanity, as well as the arts and theory of knowledge (critical thinking). Learning is skills-based with lots of independent research, encouraging the development of key employability skills for future life.

Our friendly education consultants are here to support you in guiding your child to make the right decisions for their education and future ambitions. Click the button below to start the process of choosing a school (and course/qualification type) for sixth form.

Below is a list of boarding schools with IB programs and their history

Sevenoaks School

The ‘gold’ standard in IB, with a large new intake of students at sixth form seeking to study their extensive programme. One of the top British schools to offer the programme with strong academic reputation and success in gaining entry to top unis as a result.

Oakham School

Just as no two students are the same or learn in the same way, Oakham School believes in the importance of offering different pathways for post-16 study, including the IB Diploma and A-levels. Located in the heart of rural Rutland, pupils are taught by well-qualified and motivated staff members and benefit from a wealth of curriculum opportunities.

Stonyhurst College

Good option for those committed to a catholic boarding school education. Offers both IB and A Level in sixth form. Subject choices are diverse and the head of sixth form works hard to deliver the best combination for each individual, so they can fulfil potential.

Bromsgrove School

Great central location with access to airports and transport links for those flying into the UK from overseas. Suits those who like proximity to amenities, rather than the rural nature of some boarding schools.

Charterhouse School

21st Century boarding school education, with a strong academic reputation, in Harry Potter surroundings! Soon to be co-ed from age 13.

Bryanston School

Great all-rounder. The Equestrian Centre offers the perfect option for strong academics, who are also keen to develop their passion or talent in riding.

Malvern College

Boarding is very strong thanks to recent investment in boarding accommodation. A well-trusted option for those seeking an IB Diploma school with a long tradition of academic excellence in the IB.

Worth School

Another great Catholic boarding school with a strong tradition for excellence. The location in the Sussex countryside is idyllic for those who like rolling hills from the boarding house window, but with easy access to the capital too.

Cheltenham Ladies College

All girls with strong a academic reputation, as well as excellent boarding provision.

Felsted School

Close proximity to London makes it a good option for London weekenders. Has also invested recently in boarding house refurbishments.

Greshams School

Who doesn’t love the Norfolk Coast? Well supported by local families, as well as second homers who enjoy the beach at weekends.

Scarborough College

A hidden gem by the seaside! In smaller schools, an individual approach to the IB programme allows the school to punch above its weight on results day. Recent investment in boarding house refurbishments will appeal to those who love their home-comforts. A truly caring, family-feel. There is a surfing academy coming soon too!

Rugby School

Students at Rugby have the benefit of fantastic educational facilities and highly qualified staff teaching GCSE, A Level and the IB Diploma.

Now that you have an idea of boarding schools with IB programs , it’s time to have a long discussion with your child about what they would like to do going forward, with this knowledge you can support them to make the right decisions to suit their future ambitions.

For further support and advice on finding the right school for your child, get in touch today to find out how we guide parents to help their children.

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