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5 steps to wellbeing for children

We know that looking after your children’s physical and mental health are really important to you especially whilst learning from home. So we’ve put together these ideas to help support your children. But these steps apply to adults as well as children and try and incorporate them into your daily routines.


Talk to your friends online or on the phone. Call up your grandparents or other family members to see how they are. Staying connected to other people is so important.

Be active

This can be dancing to your favourite songs on the radio or taking the dog for a walk. Maybe go running with mum and dad or a family cycle together. This will help you feel healthy.

Take notice

Instead of thinking about the past or worrying about the future, connect with the moment. Look at the window and notice how you are feeling today. Paint or draw a picture of what’s around you or how you are feeling. Take regular breaks from the screen.

Keep learning

Not just in school time! Search out information that interests you – this could be about robotics, computer games, art, aviation or even learning a new musical instrument. Whatever lights your fire, do some research and let your mind burn with the information you’ve found for yourself!


This can include giving your time to charity or maybe having a sort out of your toys and books so when charity shops reopen you can give to them. It can also include giving to the people around you – so perhaps make your family a meal or help around the house. Giving things or time to others makes them feel good and can help you feel good too! Can you think of any other ideas?

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