Boarding stimulates emotion in all parents. Some vigorously defend the reasoning behind sending their child away to school, while others strongly proclaim they would never do this, as they want their family at home. In my view opinions mostly come from personal experience or lack of information, instead of perhaps asking the rational question – what is 21st Century boarding all about?

In the current financial climate many parents find they both need to work, juggling job commitments with school runs, after school clubs, sports practices and fixtures, homework, cooking and bedtime. Add the parent taxi service and this all leads to the question, where is the quality family time anyway? It must surely be worth considering boarding, where focus for the whole family is work in the week, with quality family time at leave-out weekends and holidays.

The open-door policy of modern boarding, coupled with excellent communication between school and home means parents are continuously in touch with progress and can regularly pop in to school for matches, concerts and plays. Children have evening access to the library, computers, art and design studios as well as help with homework from peers and teachers, reducing conflict at home. Early morning starts for choir rehearsal or sports practice become a thing of the past. Rather than spending time on the school bus, your child can immerse themselves in a wealth of opportunities.

21st Century boarding is about attaining academic excellence, building confidence, leadership skills and independence, as well as learning a sense of community and cultural understanding. Far from sending their child away, parents choose a boarding school as they believe in making a self-less decision to allow their child to realise their true potential.