Senior School Years

Tips and Advice for Students in year 9, 10 and 11

If your child is at senior school you may find the information below helpful

Choosing the right school for sixth form

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UK Independent Senior Schools, an overview:

Year 9

Senior school Year of entry for many independent boarding schools with children transitioning from prep schools, that go through to age 13. Some schools start GCSE courses in some subjects. GCSE subject choices usually made in Spring term.

Year 10

Senior school Start of two-year GCSE programme. English (language and literature), Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry (Dual or Triple Award sciences) then options from additional Languages, Humanities, Art and Design subjects, Information Technology or Business. Children take between 8 and 12 subjects depending on school and capability. Visits and registrations start, if considering a change of school for sixth form. Consider seeking advice from an education consultant.

Year 11

Senior school Entry tests and interviews, if moving school for sixth form. Moving from State to Private school or from Private school to State school or Sixth Form College. Moving from single sex school to co-ed school. HMC schools tend to make offers around 1st Dec each year. Accepting sixth form place offer, if decide to move. Making subject choices for sixth form study. (A Level, IB, BTEC, PreU, EPQ) Consider seeking advice from an education consultant. Pupils sit GCSE, IGCSE, MYP (IB) exams during the summer term, with the results published in August.