Planning for Prep School Children

Prep School Years

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UK Independent Preparatory Schools

An overview:

Year 4

Prep Entry year for many traditional boarding Prep schools, spending 5 years there through to the end of year 8. Start to register for your child’s Senior school choices, ready for transition when they reach age 11 or 13. Consider the type of school you feel is right for your child such as boarding or day, co-ed or single sex and the age to transfer, 11 or 13.

Year 5

Prep Book visits to your Senior school options on short-list for entry at age 11 or 13. Meet with Prep school Head to seek advice on senior school choices. Consider seeking the advice of an education consultant. Senior school registrations process should be complete. Consider some tutoring support if your child is sitting the 11+ for grammar school entry next year.

Year 6

11+ tests for grammar school entry take place this year. Pre-tests and interviews for some senior boarding schools take place this year. Consider seeking advice from an education consultant. Last year of primary school. Key Stage 2 National tests and teacher assessments in English and Maths and teacher assessments in Science.

Year 7

Prep or Senior school Start of two year Common Entrance curriculum in prep schools. Pre-tests and interviews for some senior boarding schools for entry at age 13. Consider some interview practise sessions if your child is sitting pre-tests for senior school entry. Consider whether sitting scholarship for senior school is appropriate for your child. (Academic, all-rounder, music, sport, drama, art, D.T.) Consider seeking advice from an education consultant. First year of entry for some senior day and boarding schools. First year of entry to senior school for most state grammar and comprehensive schools.

Year 8

Prep or Senior school Last year of prep school. Scholarship exams and interviews for entry to senior schools, if entering at year 9. Common entrance exams in June.