Studied over two years in the sixth form, the Cambridge Pre U offers a curriculum which can lead to either the Pre U Diploma or individual subjects can be studied in tandem with A Level courses.

Students usually study up to four Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects, which can be taken in combination with A Levels. A wide range of subjects are offered including Mathematics, History, Psychology, Sport Science, Literature in English, Latin, and Business and Management.

Students can complete the Cambridge Pre-U Diploma by taking any three Principal Subjects (or a combination of A Levels and Principal Subjects) in addition to studying Global Perspectives and completing the Independent Research Report.

All examinations are taken at the end of year 2, with the idea of allowing more time during the 2 years of sixth form study for teaching and exploring independent learning opportunities. Students have some flexibility within the curriculum to explore their own areas of interest. Enquiry, critical thinking and independent research are key skills that are encouraged throughout the course of study.

The Cambridge Pre U Guide for Parents offers detailed information about this qualification and can be found by copying the link below into your internet browser.