This week, I thought I would share with you these tips for writing an eye catching CV. They could come in handy for applying for work experience, internships or for graduates seeking their first job.

Chances are the person reading your CV has limited time and a large pile to sift. Make sure yours is clear and stands out, even when skim reading. Use an easy to read type face, put your name and contact details clearly at the top, keep it to one page of A4 and check spelling carefully. If posting a hard copy, smart cream paper will stand out if all the others are white.

Be concise. You will be sending a supporting letter of application outlining why you are right for this particular opportunity. Keep your CV to factual evidence to support this. Three areas should be covered, education and qualifications, employment experience and additional information.

Make sure all years are covered sequentially. Gaps will lead to questions or doubt, which may put you on the no pile.

Avoid listing one word interests such as reading, travel and hockey. Expand to demonstrate commitment, skills and achievement. Part of a team which fixed the roof on an orphanage in Africa, regularly play hockey for Phoenix Club first team, chair the pupil school council which meets termly then I give feedback to the Headteacher, write a column for the school magazine published termly and enjoy reading autobiographies of leading sportsmen.

Read through your draft and identify your three stand-out factors that will make the employer want to meet you. It could be exceptional qualifications from a well-respected institution, relevant work experience where you made a proven contribution within a well-known company and an intriguing third element such as a hobby, volunteer work, proven leadership, presentation, team-working or organisational skills and commitment.