Awaiting results can be a nervous time for parents. Here are a few tips to prepare for the news and ensure you can react quickly, to support them if things go wrong.

Know when results are available and how to access them. What time? Are they online, in the post or can you go to school to check? Decide on the best way to receive news-alongside peers, or more discreetly at home.

Make a plan for results day. Plan time away from work or other siblings, so you can focus attention on your teenager. Include a celebratory treat and have something to look forward to, whatever the outcome.

Make several future plans.  Talk through all possible outcomes, attaining first choice grades, back-up grades, or missing out on all options.  Make a realistic plan for all eventualities and know where you can turn for advice on clearing or re-takes. After results, it will be harder to think clearly, without panic and emotion, so be ready with a plan which can be put into action quickly.

Keep busy. Encourage your teenager to use this long holiday wisely and keep focus on positive experiences, rather than fretting over results. Get a job, secure an internship or some work experience, volunteer within the community, take up a new hobby, learn a language, travel overseas or visit relatives.

Don’t panic! There is always a positive solution to every un-planned outcome. Planning ahead will allow you to think straight and support your teenager in finding it.

For advice regarding UCAS, Clearing, planning a sudden enforced gap year or securing a place for re-takes, please contact us.