Thanks to our consultant Sally Markowska for these great tips for starting a new school:

Have a positive attitude! Yes, joining a new school is a challenge BUT embrace the adventure. Remember the times you have tried something new before and how you survived

Remember you will not be the only new pupil: Others will be feeling exactly like you!

Before term starts: Have you got details of any pupils already at the school? It is worth contacting them informally to ask any burning questions you may have and/or to meet up. Even exchanging emails/texts would mean you already know someone at the school.

Be confident or at least pretend to be! Hold your head high as you walk in those gates for the first time.

SMILE at all the people you meet: It has an immediate effect on others and you will feel more positive too.

Have some opening ice-breaking questions ready: ‘Hi, what is your name?’ or ‘I am new and have no idea what I am supposed to be doing now. Do you?’

Timetable: Does it make sense? Do you understand where to go for each lesson? Do not be afraid to ask someone, even another pupil walking down the corridor- they were in your shoes once!

Break and lunchtimes: Be prepared for these. Ask others where they go for break/lunch and ask if you can go along on the first day. Don’t be shy!

In the first lessons: Introduce yourself to the people who sit near you, join in the discussions, try to ask and answer questions. You will feel better about yourself if you can but do not despair if it is all too challenging in the first few days!

Learn the names of the teachers who are responsible for your well-being: You should know who to turn to if you have a problem or feel unwell.

If the first day is difficult: Remind yourself that it is early days and things WILL improve.

Be proud of yourself at the end of the day: Congratulate yourself on surviving your first day! This is the beginning of something exciting…


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